Ice Frutz 100gr

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Ice Frutz hookah paste

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The Ice Frutz is a revolutionnary hookah paste. Made of gelified glycerine, the Ice Frutz paste is an alternative to shisha tobacco.


Never before a tobacco and nicotine-free product was able to deliver a such amazing smoking experience. The flavors are incredible, they are fruity, sweet, just amazing...


Under heat, Ice Frutz will be vaporised, just like steam, and act as a replacement for shisha tobacco smoke. Like steam stones, the Ice Frutz doesn't consume itself.


Ice Frutz paste is a never seen before product, clearly, some shisha tobacco flavors are complete fails for tobacco brands, but the Ice Frutz manages to succeed in the manufacture of these flavors, such as Red Bull, Citrus fruits, Pear, Bubble Gum .....


Each box contains 100gr of paste.



Even if you don't have to use them, Phunnel and Vortex bowls will allow you to get the best out of your paste. We recommend you use your Ice Frutz with an electric coal, at an approximate temperature of 150 - 200°C, depending on how you like it!



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