Katuro, the japanese hookahs bowls are coming to Darnashop!


In this new live Darnashop, our team presents the new Katuro bowls for hookah for you. These Japanese-inspired bowls are completely new in France. Let's discover the katuro bowls brand together!


Katuro, the bowls of luxury for kaloud Lotus, brohood, aluminium and also Provost


Katuro offers a lot of Japanese-inspired bowls bowls for hookah, a exclusivity in the french market. The bowls Katuro are hand made. Each bowl have a "T" at the level of this foot for proof of his authenticity and his quality. After baking at a high temperature, the bowls are glazed by a soaking process which gives them this lovely shade. Katuro are strong and sturdy bowls. Let's discover the KATURO range of bowls!

foyer NAKA

The Katuro NAKA bowl for fireplaces Brohood, Volkan, Colonial...


The Naka bowl offers the same proportions as the Turkish terracotta bowls usually supplied with the Brohood fireplace. With its medium-sized depth, you can put up to 18 grams of tobacco in your head and thus practice sessions of a comfortable duration of around 1 hour 30 minutes. In order to ensure the perfect stability of your brohood fireplace system, a terracotta strip has been left so that your brohood does not slip and adhere perfectly to the Naka bowl.

foyer ONTAKE

The Katuro ONTAKE bowl for heat system Provost and aluminium


The Ontake bowl is a phunnel-type hookah fireplace. The Katuro Ontake can accommodate around 18 grams of tobacco, which will allow you to enjoy a good length of session. Black tobacco enthusiasts will highly appreciate its reasonable tobacco consumption. If you are more Provost or aluminum, the Ontake shisha bowl is made for you!

foyer YARI

The YARI bowl, a versatile bowl for a short session 


The YARI bowl is appreciated by fetchers looking for an economical bowl in terms of tobacco and for short shisha sessions. With its capacity of 11 grams, enjoy a session of about 1 hour with the Katuro Yari bowl. The strength of this bowl is its versatility with many heating systems. Aluminum prep, Provost, Kaloud or upside-down brohood sieve, the Yari bowl will be compatible! Thanks to its raised central hole, you can use stones, jelly, tobacco ... Lovers of stones, black tobacco or blond tobacco, the Yari bowl is made for you!

foyer SOBO

The SOBO bowl, an economical head with lip for Kaloud Lotus 


The Sobo bowl is an economical phunnel fireplace (with a raised central hole). The Sobo has a capacity of about 18 grams for blond tobacco allowing you to perform sessions of a comfortable duration while controlling your tobacco consumption. This phunnel fireplace is intended to be used in conjunction with the kaloud lotus. It has a small flange that stabilizes your kaloud. It will also be compatible with many consumables of tobacco, stones, gels, creams... 

foyer YOKO

The YOKO bowl, phunnel bowl for all types of consumables with Kaloud


The Yoko hearth is a large hearth with a tobacco capacity of approximately 18 grams. This Japanese-inspired luxury bowl has a rim which ensures the stability of the famous Kaloud Lotus heating system. Of the phunnel type, the Yoko can be used with any type of tobacco substitute. The technical characteristics of the Yoko allow it to combine an optimal density of smoke to the preservation of your shisha taste. The Katuro Yoko stove heats up quickly and retains very good inertia over time ... ideal for a tasty session! 

Foyer Katuro FUJI

The FUJI bowl for a long sessions with the Kaloud Lotus


The Fuji bowl is a very large bowl suitable for long sessions in association with the Kaloud Lotus. This bowl offers a capacity of about 30 grams of tobacco allowing you to smoke easily over an hour and a half. The Fuji is a high-end bowl that offers incomparable comfort while preserving the flavor of your tobacco throughout your session without losing quality. The Fuji also has a rim holding the Kaloud in place and preventing falls. The Fuji bowl is the most imposing bowl released by the Japanese brand Katuro. Note that each Fuji bowl weighs about 250 grams, never seen in the world of shisha!


Did you know? The different ranges of Katuro bowls: Ontake, Fuji, Naka, Yoko, Yari and Sobo bear the name of the Japanese mountains. In addition, each Katuro shisha bowl range consists of 12 shisha hotspots. That is to say 12 new colors which refer to the sign of the zodiac. If you don't know which color to choose, adopt the focus of your zodiac sign. 


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