Presentation of the new models of the Turkish brand Mr Eds

In this new live Darnashop, our team presents us a new brand of hookah : Mr EDS. This Turkish brand have hookahs top of line with modern materials. Mr Eds differs of others brands of hookahs by hookahs with a well-defined style.

Mr Eds, the modern hookahs which is inspired by Turkish craft traditions 

The Turkish brand Mr Eds is inspired of Turkish crafts with leather bags and wooden trays. But, the Mr Eds are hookahs modern by their conception and their quality requirement. The Mr Eds are hookahs that meet demanding quality controls. The Turkish brand propose a large range of hookah famous for their performance and robustness.  


The King E28 hookah, one of the most little models of the Turkish brand Mr Eds available in 15 colors

This little hookah can be use with instant light charcoal or natural charcoal. The King E28 is a compact model, easy to lear for the beginners or also the confirmed. The King E28 hookah will delight many smookers wich its great performance and its many colors!

The TUGLA E15, travel hookah with tank-shaped with wooden tray and travel bag incluye

The Tugla E15 hookah have a famous shape. This hookah with tank-shaped is for travel smookers.  The Tugla E15 transforms into a living room hookah and travel hookah in very short time. The Tugla E15 hookah is sell with wooden tray for its stability. You have also a travel bag incluye.   

The Bodyguard E25 hookah, top of the line hookah by the brand Mr Eds with travel bag incluye

The Bodyguard E25 is the one of the most luxury hookah of the brand Mr Eds. This model large size is transportable. With his premium leather bag, the Bodyguard E25 hookah will follow you everywhere during all your travels. The Bodyguard E25 has also a diffuser for a lot of smoke. This hookah of living room will be delivered with a hose!  

The Mr Eds BOSS E29 hookah, one of the most popular hookah of the Turkish brand

The Boss E29 is a little hookah for the small budgets that search a hookah of quality and efficient. Buy a top of line of hookah unless 100 euros, is possible with the Boss E29 hookah. The Mr Eds Boss E29 is a hookah with diffuser and with a hose incluye. The Mr Eds Eds BOSS E29 hookah is appreciated for their original look, small price and their performances.  

The Junior Champion E36, Mr EDS hookah in stainless steel with travel bag incluye 

The Junior Champion E36 hookah is in stainless steel and resin. The column of the Junior Champion E36 has decorated and has a beautiful mix of colors. This little hookah will be delivered with travel bag and a hose. 

Also note that all Mr Eds models have a purge hidden in the ring. This technology designed by the Turkish brand thus makes it possible to offer hookahs with a sleek design. 

To find out more about Mr Eds hookahs and other models, we invite you to watch the Darnashop live! Our team presents this new Turkish brand as well as all the models of the range! You will also be able to see some models in action! 

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