Our opinion on the first charcoal hookah by Hooky: Hooky Steel hookah


Since 2013, the brand hooky developed e-cigarette. Hooky is become famous with his complety range of e-cigarette and e-liquid without nicotine. Recently, the brand Hooky went out new models oh e-cigarette with a cartridge system. 


New e-cigarettes Hooky 2021 with cartridges! 


Hooky have differents models of e-cigarettes: Hooky Slim, Hooky Royal and Hooky Classic.With a view to development, the Hooky brand is launching a new concept. Hooky electronic hookahs are now equipped with a cartridge. With this new system, you will no longer need to change the candle of your device, you simply consume the liquid contained in the cartridge. Each cartridge is equipped with its own candle, so you always smoke on a new and powerful candle! Hooky portable shisha pipes are easy to carry and provide thick white smoke.


Can be use e-liquide in the new e-cigarettes Hooky 2021?

The new hooky use cartridges and not e-liquid like the before versions. Nevertless, if you prefers a the e-liquid, you can be order a special adapter.


Is what new flavors will be available soon?

New flavors will be available soon! 


What is the differences bewteen the hooky e-cigarettes?

The Hooky Slim and Hooky Classic shisha pipes differ mainly in their design. The Hooky Royal is equipped with an LED and offers a longer battery life. 


Can be put nicotine in the e-cigarette hooky?

No, the e-liquids and cartridges hooky are whithout nicotine. 


Electronic hookahs are Hooky's core business. Hooky has forged a strong image for itself with its clean and deisgn e-hookahs. With the Hooky Steel hookah, they offer their very first charcoal hookah. The Steel works with shisha charcoal, not a battery. 


Hooky Steel, the first hooky hookah with charcoal and made in stainless steel 


The Hooky brand hits hard by offering its very first charcoal hookah model. The Steel however uses the same codes of Hooky electronic hookahs. The Hooky Steel is a high-end model made of V2A stainless steel. This designer hookah stands out from other models by its robustness and its atypical design. The Hooky Steel is made entirely of stainless steel, from the column to the vase. So, with the Steel, you won't be afraid to break your vase!


With its sturdy materials, the Hooky Stell will follow you everywhere and you won't risk breaking it. Also, to bring a little freshness to your shisha session, you can easily add ice cubes or fruit to your shisha vase. And for even more freshness, slip your chicha vase directly into a large champagne bucket. 



The Steel hookah has an 18/8 hose connection and an 18/8 drain. This standard size will allow you to add a certain number of hookah accessories, such as a glass drain. 

The Hooky Steel is a e-cigarette?

No, the Hooky Steel use with charcoal and not a battery. 


Why the Hooky Steel doesn't have the plate?

The brand Hooky make the choice that don't put a plate on the Steel. Cet accessoire qui sert essentiellement à éviter la chute des cendres de charbon a été remplacé par un récupérateur de molasse. 


what is the accessories sell with the Steel?

The Hooky Steel hookah is sell without bowl or heat system of management. Neverless, the hookah will be delivered with a silicone hose and mouthpiece.

What bowl and what heat system of management are compatible with the Steel hookah?

All the bowls and all the heats system of management are compatible with the Steel. We can be put a kaloud, a brohood, a provost or also a quasar raas on the hooky steel.


What is the level of water for the hooky hookah?

Don't worry, the glass bowl of the steel has an engraved market inside the bowl for the quantity of water (environ 1L).  


Can be use Three King charcoal with the Steel?

Yes, its possible to use the instant light charcoals with the hooky hookah. But, this hookah is more suitable with natural charcoal.  


How clean the Hooky Steel?

Cleaning your Hooky shisha is very easy with a sponge and a little soapy water. You will also need cleaning brushes for the less accessible parts (column, plunger, etc.). 


Can be put the hooky steel in dishwasher?

Yes, the Hooky Steel is fully made in stainless steel, so its possible to put it in dishwasher. 


What is the colors availables for the Hooky Steel?

The Hooky steel is available in white. 


What is the price of Hooky Steel hookah?

The Hooky steel is sell in 250 euros.


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