New shisha products: discover our special selection for the 2021 school year


The holidays are over, but not the hookah! We take stock of the latest news and news in the world of shisha. Discover without further delay our latest favorites and the latest trends.


Shisha news: the essential hookahs for the start of the 2021 school year


Aladin MVP A46

1. Aladin MVP A46 : the latest addition to the MVP range!

The Aladin MVP A46 strongly resembles the MVP 460 hookah! What essentially differentiates them is the aesthetic side with a more elaborate vase and a refined column. The Aladin MVP A46 has the same equipment as the MVP 460, namely a silicone hose, an aluminum handle, a chimney set for natural charcoal and a charcoal tongs. It is also equipped with a 4-position adjustable diffuser and an 18/8 column cut to add a molasse collector. The MVP A46 is priced at 99.90 euros. 





Cartel Pablo

2. Cartel Pablo : the first high-end hookah from the CARTEL brand that can be fully customized

The Cartel Pablo hookah is a fully customizable hookah. You will be able to replace the original column with custom columns (in resin or in wood) sold separately HERE! Thanks to its 18/8 column cut, it will also be very easy for you to add a molasse collector or another column, as you wish. The Cartel Pablo has been designed in high quality noble materials to be able to withstand intensive use. It is also equipped with an adjustable diffuser allowing you to adjust your draft. The Pablo is sold naked, without a hearth or pipe. The Cartel Pablo is priced at 169 euros. 





Skull Asgard

3. Skull Asgard : the hookah with the resin column ultra easy to transport

The Asgard is a compact hookah with a very pretty column in colored resin. As for the other elements of the shisha, they are made of stainless steel. The Asgard will be delivered to you with a carrying case and a hose. It also has a diffuser to give you a light and fluid draw. The Skull Asgard hookah will follow you wherever you go! The Skull Asgard hookah is priced at 89 euros.





Amy Antique 072.03

4. Amy Antique 072.03 : the essential little hookah at an unbeatable price

Don’t be fooled by its small size, the Amy Antique 072.03 will give you thick clouds of smoke. Very easy to use, and offering a very advantageous price, this small model has been a staple in shisha for many years. The Amy Antique 072.03 hookah is very well equipped. It will be delivered to you with a silicone hose and an aluminum handle, a pipe holder, a large charcoal tongs, a terracotta hearth and a fireplace for natural charcoal. The Amy Antique 072.03 is at the unbeatable price of 59 euros. 







Crystalia Elektra

5. Crystalia Elektra : share a session with friends with this multi-pipe hookah

The Elektra is a hookah that has 4 hose outputs, allowing you to share a session with others. In addition to its 4 pipe connectors, the Crystalia Elektra hookah will be delivered with a pipe, as well as a fireplace set for natural charcoal. The Elektra also has an 18/8 column cut and a diffuser. The Crystalia Elektra is priced at 99 euros. 






Wood E32

6. Mr Eds Wood E32  : high-end hookah with a pretty wooden column

The Wood E32 hookah is a high quality model designed by the Turkish brand Mr EDS. The Mr Eds Wood E32 has been designed in noble materials. This model is made of wood (for the column) and stainless steel for the other parts (plunger, hearth connector, ring and valve). The Mr Eds Wood E32 hookah will be delivered to you with a sublime high flow hose. The Mr Eds Wood E32 hookah is priced at 219 euros.







New shisha products: essential accessories for the start of the 2021 school year

1. The Cartel Cigar handle is making a comeback at DARNASHOP!  

After several months of waiting, the CARTEL cigar-shaped handle is back in stock at Darnashop. This original and quirky looking handle works like any other handle. The Cartel Cigar handle connects to all silicone hoses sold at DARNASHOP!





2. Store and transport your shisha tobacco and shisha flavor thanks to the Tobaccovac boxes!

With the Tobaccovac boxes, store any type of consumable: steam stones, jelly, shisha tobacco, shisha flavor made from cellulose sheets. These storage boxes for tobacco and shisha taste aim to preserve all the aromas of your tobacco. Tobaccovac boxes do not contain any parasitic odor and are 100% airtight. You will be able to travel with your shisha tobacco or shisha taste without risk of leakage.  





3. Prepare your shisha tobacco and shisha taste with the Beskar tobacco fork!

Mix and place your shisha tobacco or shisha taste using the Beskar tobacco fork in your shisha fireplace. This tobacco fork with hole punch allows you to successfully prepare tobacco like a pro and without getting your hands dirty. For fans of aluminum preparation, its spike will allow you to properly hole your aluminum.





4. The new bowls from the Japanese brand KATURO have landed at DARNASHOP! 

For latecomers, Katuro is a Japanese high-end fireplace brand. All Katuro fireplaces are handcrafted and designed with high quality materials. Katuro never ceases to surprise us with these 4 new ranges of hearths: the compact Obami hearth for Kaloud Lotus, the colorful Gongen hearth for Kaloud, the Nyu hearth for short sessions and the Asama hearth for black tobacco lovers with Provost. 







5. Buy a kilo of shisha taste at an unbeatable price with the WAYS pack!

Tabamel Ways is a revolutionary new hookah taste! This taste is made from celullose leaves and flavored glycerin. WAYS tabamel can be used or with nicotine, as you wish. Indeed, WAYS can be combined with a nicotine booster. With the WAYS 4 + 1 pack, treat yourself to a kilo of shisha taste at a low price! A tobacco fork is included in the pack!





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