My hookah doesn't smoke! How to make a big smoke with my hookah?

Help: my shisha does not smoke! Making a big smoke with your shisha doesn't just depend on your shisha, but on a set of elements. We are going to show you all our tips for making a lot of smoke with your hookah. Just having the best charcoals or premium shisha flavor doesn't just make thick white smoke. To make a lot of smoke with your shisha, you need the right equipment (shisha, accessories, hookah hose), know how to make a good hookah preparation, and you will also need a little practice. And yes, you won't become a shisha expert in a few minutes, you will have to be patient! 


The material: buy a shisha and quality accessories to get a big smoke!

> Buy a quality hookah 

There are a large number of models, small, medium, large, glass, acrylic, portable hookah, living room hookah and at all prices. To choose your hookah model, do not hesitate to ask our teams for advice (by phone or by email). Also discover our guide to choosing the right hookah according to your budget!

> Choose a high flow hose

To get the most smoke from your hookah, you also need good hookah accessories. For example, you can opt for a high flow shisha hose such as the Marrakech silicone hose or the Carbonnadict Hose. Note that it is your silicone hose that plays the biggest role in the flow of smoke from your hookah.

> Combine a quality bowl with your heat management system

Not all bowls can be used with just any heat management system. Each bowl is designed to combine perfectly with one or more heating systems. The hookahs are designed in different materials (glass, silicone, terracotta, ceramic), different shapes and several types (phunnel, classic, vortex ...). To help you choose your bowl, discover our guide to the best shisha bowl according to your heat management system!

> Use a powerful natural charcoal

The use of adequate and powerful natural charcoal is also crucial in order to obtain a thick white smoke. We recommend Lokomotiv K26 charcoal (brohood and kaloud lotus compatible). Also discover our top 5 of the best hookah coals according to your heating system!

> Use a shisha flavor concentrated in glycerin

It is the glycerin in your shisha tobacco (or shisha flavor) that allows you to make a thick white smoke. We recommend for example the ways, a shisha flavor that you can use with or without nicotine and which contains a high dose of glycerin. Moreover, if you find that your shisha tobacco is too dry or that you use shisha steam stones, we invite you to add glycerin such as glycerin Adalya Mix or Vapor Juice, for example. 



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> Mix well its shisha taste

The glycerin in shisha tobacco tends to stay at the bottom of the pot. We invite you to mix your shisha taste well so that the glycerin completely permeates your shisha taste. You can use a special shisha fork to help you with your shisha preparation.

> Do not tamp your shisha tobacco and ventilate your shisha preparation well

It is essential to ventilate your shisha preparation well and not to tamp your shisha tobacco in order to obtain a thick white smoke. If your shisha tobacco is not ventilated enough, you will not be able to get thick clouds of smoke from your shisha.

> Fill your shisha household 

It is important to fill your shisha bowl with the right amount of shisha flavor. If you are new to shisha and you don't know how much shisha tobacco to put in your shisha bowl, use a bowl with a rim. The hookahs equipped with a lip allow you to stabilize your Kaloud Lotus heating system, but also to manage your quantity of hookah tobacco. Indeed, the small rim on the hearth serves as a benchmark to measure your shisha taste. Be careful, your shisha taste must not affect your heating system. If your shisha tobacco touches your kaloud (or your brohood for example), your shisha taste will burn very quickly and you will have a not very pleasant burning sensation in your throat. If you are new to brohood preparation, take a look at our brohood fireplace preparation tutorial.



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You won't become a shisha expert in one session. It will take plenty of practice and patience before you get the perfect preparation and thick white smoke. Your shisha preparation will certainly not be perfect during your first session! If you follow this guide, with a little patience and practice, you will get thick white smoke from your shisha every time. So, are you ready to make a lot of smoke with your shisha?



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