DANDY GLASS, the specialist in hookahs and glass accessories

After a few weeks of absence, the Darnashop live show is back! We meet again for a special show in a brand new studio! On the programme: the discovery of the new warehouse, the presentation of Dandy Glass the new brand of glass hookahs, promo codes, good mood and lots of gifts!


Dandy Glass, the specialized manufactur of the glass hookahs and glass accessories for hookahs


Dandy Glass is a French brand specialising in glass hookahs and glass shisha accessories. All Dandy Glass products are made of borosilicate glass, a heat-resistant laboratory glass, and are handcrafted. Each Dandy Glass piece is made by a glassmaker. This means that Dandy glass chichas and chicha accessories are unique pieces with impeccable finishes. Dandy Glass offers a wide range of glass shisha and glass shisha accessories. 


Enjoy to smoke with Dandy Glass glass hookah

When you choose Dandy Glass hookahs, you are assured of a sturdy, stylish and luxurious hookah. Dandy Glass hookahs offer an intense flavour and a thick smoke. The pleasure of smoking on a shisha is not the same as on an aluminium or stainless steel shisha. Glass chichas (and even glass fireplaces) do not retain stray odours from previous sessions. Laboratory glass is a high quality material designed to withstand heat. The main advantage of this material is that it does not retain flavours. This means that glass chichas offer an optimal and superior result compared to metal chichas. This principle also applies to glass fireplaces and glass pipes. By opting for a 100% glass configuration, you will obtain an intense and incomparable flavour.


Presentation of the glass hookahs and glass accessories for hookahs by Dandy glass


Glass hookahs Dandy Glass

Dandy Glass hookahs are true works of art. These high quality glass hookahs are handcrafted by glassmakers. In the range of Dandy Glass hookahs, you can find the Alambic hookah, a complete and compact model. This 100% glass hookah comes with a washable silicone hose and a Dandy Glass spleen handle (matching the colour of the shisha), two rods (including multi-fire and fire-stem). The Alambic shisha is also equipped with a diffuser. This small glass shisha is a high-performance model that is accessible to all smokers. The Majordome shisha, with its solid glass vase, is another example. It is also equipped with a complete pipe, a diffuser and comes with two rods, like the Alambic shisha. The Dandy Glass laboratory chichas are robust, high-performance models with a high smoke output.


Glass hoses Dandy Glass

The Dandy Glass brand offers a wide range of shisha hoses for smokers. Whether in terms of shape, price, colour or even type of mouthpiece (flat spout and round spout), you are bound to find something to suit you at Dandy Glass! By offering a wide range of glass hoses for shisha, Dandy meets the expectations of the most demanding smokers. At Darnashop, you will find all the glass handles of the Dandy brand. Whether you are looking for the famous Dandy glass Marrakech handle, the Hamlet skull hose, the mythical Spleen handle... they are all at Darnashop! The Dandy Glass handles are compatible with all the silicone hoses sold on Darnashop.com! 


Glass bowl Dandy Glass

Dandy Glass also offers high quality glass bowls. Dandy Glass heads are sturdy, high performance shisha accessories. As with all glass accessories, Dandy Glass bowls do not retain the flavour of your previous shisha sessions. This means that you can vary your enjoyment, try out new chicha flavours and still enjoy the full flavour of your hookah tobacco. In the range of Dandy Glass bowms, you will find the Hurricane bowl, recognisable by its beautiful twisted base, but also the Glassbowl bowl.


Glass custom parts Dandy Glass

In the Dandy Glass range of shisha accessories, you can also find glass molasses collectors. The Dandy Glass brand offers a wide range of glass collectors to satisfy the greatest number of smokers. In terms of design, you are bound to find something to suit you with Dandy Glass molasses drip trays. Skull and crossbones, diamond or gold collectors, they are all at Darnashop! Dandy Glass skimmers are standard, they can be connected to all chichas equipped with an 18/8 column cut.  

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