Shisha tobacco & shisha taste: where to buy shisha tobacco on the internet

In this new Live Darnashop, our team reveals the best places to buy shisha tobacco. You should know that the regulation of hookah tobacco in France is very strict.

Regulations: Buy hookah tobacco in France on the internet

In France, the sale of tobacco is restricted to tobacconists and certain approved retailers (service stations, etc.). In addition, you will not find shisha tobacco at Darnashop, either on our website or at our store in Lille. In addition, the sale of tobacco online is prohibited.

Although it may be tempting in terms of price, ordering tobacco online from abroad is prohibited.

Therefore, to get shisha tobacco at the best price, we recommend that you source it directly from overseas. For some lucky ones, close to the borders, you will be able to benefit from shisha tobacco in Switzerland or even in Germany at a very advantageous price.

It is also possible to stock up on shisha tobacco while traveling, whether in Dubai, Los Angeles ... if you have the opportunity to travel!

However, the quantities to bring hookah tobacco to France are limited per person. We recommend that you do your research before purchasing shisha tobacco abroad.

At tobacconists, the price of tobacco is quite high and you will not necessarily find your favorite tobacco such as Tangiers, Starbuzz, Al fakher, Social Smoke ...

However, today there are many substitutes for vaporized tobacco in your shisha household to replace shisha tobacco that you can purchase directly online.

Tobacco substitute for shisha, jelly, stones ... what are its new tastes for shisha?

For some time now, new products to replace shisha tobacco have appeared on the shisha market.

In the form of gel, stones, cream and even cellulose-based preparations, tobacco substitutes never cease to amaze us with their always astonishing form.

Besides their appearance, tobacco substitutes give you a thick white smoke and a tasty finish.

If you're looking for a tobacco-like shisha taste, we recommend the Nexit, Cloud One, and Zero. These are cellulose-based preparations but without nicotine and therefore less toxic than tobacco. In appearance, preparation and smell, these tobacco substitutes are almost identical to tobacco, but without nicotine! You will also find well-known fragrances, such as Hawaii, Lady Killer or Love 66 ... but also amazing fragrances such as King Peach (frozen peach), Pear Chill (Pear) and other tasty flavors!

Another alternative to tobacco, discover the steam stones such as the Dschinni Stones which will offer you an amazing flavor. You have the option of jelly with Ice Frutz, or as a cream with true cloudz cream, for example. The advantage of these tobacco substitutes is their versatility. You can use them alone in your shisha household or in addition to your Social Smoke, Adalya, Starbuzz tobacco to create new and tasty combinations of scents.

What did you think of this show? Have you ever tried the tobacco substitute? What do you think? And what are your favorite blends?

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