Pierres à vapeur pour chicha


Smoking shisha without tobacco: steam stones for hookah 


Alternative to shisha tobacco: nicotine-free steam stones for hookah bowl 


Today there are many alternatives to shisha tobacco (smoking stones, cream, jelly). Steam stones are a substitute for shisha tobacco. Thus, the steam stones are tobacco and nicotine free. This shisha taste is intended to be used in a shisha bowl. However, unlike shisha tobacco, the glycerin contained in the steam stones will evaporate under the heat of the coals and thus produce a thick white vapor. The primary advantage of steam stones is that they can be recharged with glycerin. This shisha taste thus makes it possible to smoke shisha very economically! Smoking stones are available in many ranges and many fragrances from the most classic to the most original.

Amy stones

Amy Stones


Amy Stones are steam stones that are intended to be used in a shisha bowl. These smoking stones have the same flavors as the famous Amy gold tobacco but without nicotine. Under the heat of the coals, the glycerin present in the steam stones will evaporate and thus create a thick white smoke. Amy Stones smoking stones are available in many flavors to appeal to the greatest number of smokers. Thus, find more classic flavors such as apple, mint or orange, and more original flavors such as lemon meringue pie, papaya, prickly pear and many others!

Pierres à vapeur ice rockz

Ice Rockz 


Ice Rockz Steam Stones are a substitute for shisha tobacco. Indeed, these steam stones offering an excellent quality / price ratio are without tobacco, without nicotine or other substances resulting from the combustion of a classic tobacco. These small stones deliver an intense vapor with a very fragrant and fresh taste. The particularity of Ice Rockz is to contain a gelled liquid which delivers an intense sensation of freshness during use. The entire Ice Rockz range is made up of icy perfumes with an incredible refreshing effect! The Steam Stones Ice Rockz range is made up of icy flavors for a bluffing refreshing result during your shisha sessions. Please note, Ice Rockz stones are not reusable. 

Pierres à vapeur Dschinni Stones

Dschinni Stones 


Dschinni Stones are steam stones made from the same molasses, the same flavors and the same glycerin as the hookah tobacco of the Dschinni brand but without nicotine. And yes, unlike Dschinni shisha tobacco, Dschinni Stones contain neither tobacco nor nicotine. With Dschinni Stones steam stones, find exactly the same flavors as a Dschinni tobacco but without nicotine.  





Shiazo stones are pebbles of mineral origin with very strong absorbent properties. Under the heat of the coals, the liquid contained in the Shiazo stones is released in the form of vapor. Shiazo stones do not contain tobacco, nicotine, or any other product that would result from the combustion of conventional tobacco. The vapor emitted by the Shiazo stones delivers an intense taste and is characterized by a thick smoke. Shiazo is available in a multitude of new flavors such as apple pie, coconut or chocolate.  


Pierres neutres Volcan Pure Stones

Volcan Pure Stones


Unlike other steam stones, Volcan PURE stones are neutral, unflavored shisha stones. These stones are a support intended to receive scented glycerin and to be consumed in a shisha. You can use any type of flavored glycerin with your Volcan Stone, such as Adalya Mix or Volcan Vapor juice. Vocan PURE stones are characterized by the fineness of their grain and by their very strong absorbent properties. Volcan Pure Stones neutral stones are micro-porous pebbles that act like sponges.

True passion stones

True Passion Stones


The best flavors of True passion tobacco are now available in a "Stones" version! With the new steam stones from True Passion, you will not lose any of the flavor and pleasure of the best tobacco of the German brand! The most famous tastes of True Passion Tobacco like the famous Okolom, Vampire Day, Vampire Night, etc...


Use and operation of steam stones for shisha: make a success of your shisha without tobacco


Hookah steam stones are very easy to use. Before your session, we invite you to shake your stones well so that they soak up the glycerin. Then you just have to place your stones directly in your shisha bowl and enjoy your session. After your session, simply run your smoking stones under clean water to rinse them off. Once your stones are washed, add flavored glycerin and start over! 


Which bowl is recommended with the smoking stones?

For the use of steam stones, we recommend a phunnel type bowl (ie with a raised central hole). This is to prevent the glycerin contained in the smoking stones from flowing down the column of the shisha. For example, we recommend the Katuro brand bowls (Sobo, Yoko, Yari), or the Quasar Raas thermal head. 


What is the best coal for steam stones?

We recommend a powerful charcoal like Lokomotiv! Whether you use a Kaloud heating system or a brohood fireplace grate, Lokomotiv offers coals in 26mm cubes or pre-cut in 3 blocks.  


Can we mix several flavors like tobacco?

Yes, it is quite possible to put smoking stones of different scents in order to obtain 100% original tastes!



Refill the steam stones with glycerin: save money on shisha tobacco

There are several glycerins for recharging steam stones. Glycerin is the basic component of any shisha consumable. It is the essential component of your shisha tobacco, the one that allows you to get the smoke and feel the taste!

Adalya Mix flavored glycerin


Adalya Mix flavored glycerin is made by the famous Turkish tobacco brand Adalya. Adalya Mix glycerin incorporates all of the manufacturer's most popular flavors, including love 66, Hawaii or even double apple. Adalya Mix liquid can be used in combination with any type of steam stone (shiazo, starbuzz, amy ..). With Adalya Mix, find the flavor of all your favorite Adalya tobacco in a nicotine-free version. 

Vapor Juice 3 in 1 Vegetable glycerin


Vapor Juice is a liquid made up of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and aromas. This e-liquid can be used in electronic cigarettes, to refill steam stones and even in shisha tobacco. The Vapor Juice thus recharges all your steam stones, Volcan pure stone, shiazo, dschinni stone, amy stone or any other brands of steam stones! With its 150 ml capacity, you can refill your steam stones many times! 

Seven Elements glycerin


Seven Elements is a liquid preparation based on glycerin and aromas intended to be added to your shisha tobacco or associated with shisha stones. Seven Elements Glycerin can be consumed in shisha tobacco or also by using it to imbibe steam stones. For example, you can combine Seven Elements glycerin and Volcan Pure Stone pebbles. Seven Elements glycerin is available in many amazing flavors such as coconut, cappuccino or even red bull. 

Pack Adalya Stones

Adalya Stones pack : enjoy the flavor of all Adalya tobacco in your hookah at a low price!

The Adalya Stones pack allows you to discover the full range of Adalya tobacco ... but at a low price. The Adalya Stones pack includes a 500 gram jar of Volcan pure stones neutral natural mineral stones and 3 170ml jars of Adalya Mix flavor. Choose freely the fragrances composing your pack thanks to our selector and carry out long tasty sessions!



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