Kaloud FAQ: all the answers to your questions about Kaloud hookahs


The Kaloud Lotus is one of the most popular heat management system around the world. We reveal to you all the secrets of this heat management system for natural charcoal. 


1/ Kaloud, what is it ?

2/ What is the best naturel charcoal for Kaloud ?

3/ What is the best hookah tobacco for Kaloud ?

4/ What is the best hookah bowl for Kaloud ?

5/ How to prepare my Kaloud ?

6/ Kaloud open or close ?

7/ What is the difference with the Brohood and the Kaloud ?

8/ How to clean my Kaloud ?

9/ What is the price of Kaloud ?


Kaloud Lotus: use, operation, all the answers to your most frequently asked questions


Definition of Kaloud


Kaloud is a term used frequently in the world of shisha. But what is a Kaloud really? This heat management system was imagined and designed in the United States with a view to replacing aluminum and facilitating the use of natural coal.


The kaloud is a closed heat management system which acts as a heat receptacle for the coals. It will transfer the amount of heat sufficient to bring out all the aromas in your shisha tobacco. This heat management system has been designed to offer you a simplified use of your natural coals and allows you to regulate your heating at your convenience. 


Natural charcoal for Kaloud Lotus : wihch one ? 


To use the Kaloud heat management system, you will necessarily need natural charcoal. Natural charcoal is mainly made from coconut husks. Natural charcoal can come in different forms (precut, 25mm cubes, 26mm cubes ...).


In order to take full advantage of all the capabilities of your Kaloud Lotus, we recommend a powerful natural charcoal such as Lokomotiv. These premium quality coals are offered in different packaging for Kaloud (precut or in cubes of 26 mm). To light your natural coals, you will necessarily need a charcoal or gas lighter plate. Natural charcoal does not ignite with a lighter like self-igniting charcoal.


You should NEVER preheat your Kaloud Lotus on your charcoal heater. You could seriously damage your heat management system. Be patient, it would be a shame to damage your Kaloud to gain a few seconds! 


Hookah tobacco VS Hookah taste


The Kaloud Lotus has been designed to provide the perfect balance between a good flow of smoke and an intense flavor rendering. The Kaloud Lotus heat management system will be as appreciated as it is for Adalya, Al Fakher, Social Smoke tobacco ... as shisha tobacco substitutes. Kaloud Lotus will allow you to fully enjoy all the aromas of your shisha taste (cream, steam stones, jelly, or shisha flavors made from cellulose sheets).


Choose my hookah bowl


There are a large number of hookah bowls compatible with Kaloud Lotus. Whether you are more of a vortex fireplace, phunnel fireplace with or without rim, ceramic fireplace, glass fireplace or even silicone fireplace for Kaloud ... the choice is wide! You will find HERE all the Kaloud hookahs!


We can recommend the Japanese brand KATURO for your Kaloud hookah. These fireplaces are handcrafted and crafted from premium clay with excellent thermal properties. Each Katuro brand bowl offers astonishing technical characteristics which allow to combine an optimal smoke density with the preservation of the taste. 


Preparation of the Kaloud Lotus 


The Kaloud Lotus is an easy-to-use heat management system that is aimed at both seasoned smokers and beginners. The Kaloud lotus will then quickly rise in temperature and transfer the heat from the charcoals uniformly to the entire bowl, so that your tobacco will ideally be consumed. To refine the setting and determine the heat of your charcoals, you also have a dial to manage the air intake in the device. In addition, we invite you to watch this video available HERE dedicated to the preparation of the Kaloud Lotus. 


Kaloud Lotus open or close


The Kaloud Lotus is a closed heat management system. Once you have placed your natural coals in your Kaloud, you must leave the hood in place so that your tobacco heats up. When your heating system is at its peak, you can open the hood and manage your heating at your convenience with the small handle. 


Kaloud Lotus VS brohood 


These two heat management systems are very different. The management of the heating and the rendering in flavor are not the same. Furthermore, bowls for Kaloud are not compatible with fireplace heat management systems. We invite you to watch this comparative video available HERE between these two heat management systems for natural coal.


Kaloud cleaning


You probably know the expression "The less we do, the better we are"! This quote fits the Kaloud Lotus very well! The Kaloud heat management system designed in aluminum does not require a lot of maintenance. The less you do, the better your Kaloud Lotus will be!


Price of Kaloud Lotus


The Kaloud Lotus One plus is priced at 55 euros. There are also other versions, such as the Kaloud Lotus Black niris and the Kaloud Color which are priced at 59 euros. 



Pack Kaloud Lotus

Kaloud Lotus & Lokomotiv charcoals: Buy your Kaloud Lotus heat management system and your natural charcoal at the best price!

With the Quasar Raas LOKO pack, buy your Quasar head at an unbeatable price. This pack includes the famous Quasar Raas thermal head as well as two kilos of natural coals. We recommend that you use two cubes of Lokomotiv charcoal in order to obtain the optimum heat to cook your shisha taste in the best conditions. With Lokomotiv natural charcoal, enjoy the pronounced taste of your tobacco and thick white smoke!