Crystalia Elektra: test and opinion of the multi-outlet hookah, 4 hoses

For the show of this Friday, November 27, we present the Crystalia Elecktra hookah to you. A pretty contemporary multi-pipe shisha recommended for group shisha sessions.

What accessories are sold with this hookah? What colors are available? Can we adapt a molasses collector? Does she make heavy smoke? We tell you all about this new shisha.

Focus on the decorative elements of the Elektra

The Crystalia Elektra is a hookah with a sporty look that stands out from the other models by its decorative elements with its aluminum column and the alternation of metals. These elements are also included on the handle of the hookah. The Elektra is characterized as a modern and contemporary hookah offering excellent value for money.

The hookah accessories sold with the Crystalia hookah

The Elektra is supplied with many accessories, in addition to the 4 hose connectors, it has a silicone hose and a Brohood type chimney set for the use of natural charcoal. The Crystalia Elektra hookah is also composed of a diffuser that will bring a light and fluid pull during your hookah session.

The little extra that you will appreciate, the Crystalia Elektra hookah has an 18/8 column cut that will allow you to add a molasses collector.

To experience the Crystalia Elektra hookah test live, we invite you to watch the video!

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