Lokomotiv 3 Blocks 1kg

Lokomotiv 3 Blocks 1kg


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Special Kaloud natural charcoal in three pieces

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Lokomotiv 3 Block Charcoal: The Special Kaloud Triangle Charcoal!


Lokomotiv 3 Blocks natural charcoal is specially designed to be used in the Kaloud Lotus heating system. The goal of Lokomotiv 3 Blocks is very simple: it's all about fully filling your Kaloud. Three pieces of Lokomotiv 3B charcoal form a disk that's 50mm wide and 27mm high, which corresponds to completely filling a Kaloud.

The extreme dimensions of Lokomotiv 3B (it's 2mm taller than a Fresh Coco charcoal, for example!) combined with its very high carbon content make Lokomotiv 3B the most powerful charcoal for Kaloud, ensuring intense and consistent heating. Enthusiasts of dense and white smoke will be able to maximize the smoke output of their Kaloud and turn their hookah into a true... locomotive! Each 1-kilogram package of Lokomotiv 3 Blocks natural charcoal contains 60 pieces. For experienced smokers, Lokomotiv 3 Blocks natural charcoal is also available in 3-kilogram packages that allow you to save. You can find the 3-kilogram packages of Lokomotiv 3 Blocks by clicking HERE




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