Pack Pursuit QT

With the Pursuit QT pack, rediscover an iconic hookah model accompanied by modern accessories that allow you to enjoy flawless performance. The pack includes an additional base to change colors according to your preferences and protect against breakage.

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Pursuit hookah pipe with bowl and hose included

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Classic glass vase for MYA QT Hookah / Chicha

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The EPOK silicone bowl is a large phunnel head for shisha. This EPOK bowl is the best head for Kaloud made in silicone, thanks to its hard and resistant silicone. The EPOK hearth offers perfect support for the Kaloud even upside down!

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The Vanity glass handle is a shisha pipe accessory from Dandy Glass. Recognizable by its twist that covers its entire length, the Vanity is a colored laboratory glass handle with a round tip. A robust and efficient glass handle!

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Food grade silicone flexible, supple and strong. Length 150cm.

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Connecting tip for silicone hoses

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The Elephant coal lighter is an electric hot plate designed to ignite hookah coals. With its 1000-watt heating element, this coal lighter is the most convenient and quickest solution for igniting natural hookah coals. A must-have for all smokers!

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The Lokomotiv K26 is a premium hookah charcoal from Indonesia, made from selected coconut shells for their quality. The 26mm cubes offer versatility of use. Ideal for Kaloud, Beskar, or the Brohood system. Its high carbon content ensures a long burning time and consistent intensity.

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Pack Pursuit QT: The Shisha with a Spare Vase!

The Pack Pursuit QT is a complete set that includes everything you need to prepare a good shisha, all while benefiting from a particularly interesting discount. This starter kit contains a Pursuit shisha, a high-flow washable hose, a silicone head, a natural charcoal lighter, and a kilo of Premium charcoal for shisha.

What Makes This Shisha Pack Special?

The uniqueness of the Pursuit pack (aside from offering a substantial discount on the retail price of the items!) is that it includes a spare MYA QT shisha vase, allowing you to change the shisha's color according to your preferences and also providing a backup solution in case of breakage.

How Far Should You Fill the QT Shisha Vase?

For a perfect draw and thick smoke, we recommend filling the water up to approximately one centimeter below the top of the main storage part of the vase. Your smoke will be dense and white, and filtration will remain excellent to preserve flavor and provide good cooling.

What Type of Smoker Is This Pack Intended For?

This pack is primarily aimed at smokers who want to make a great deal with a discount of nearly 40% compared to the individual retail prices of the items. This pack offers exceptional value for money with a functional shisha and high-quality accessories. It caters to both regular smokers and occasional users and will delight you with its simplicity and functionality.

The Pursuit hookah uses the same features as some successful models. The Pursuit is a handy, solid and reliable hookah. The Pursuit shisha stands out for its original and trendy design as well as its low price.

Space-saving, the Pursuit hookah will follow you wherever you go. This pocket shisha is very well equipped since it will be delivered to you with a hose and a ceramic bowl.

The Pursuit shisha is for smokers looking for a durable shisha, easy to handle and at an unbeatable price. The Pursuit is available in several original colors, remember to select the desired color using the slider.

- Silver stainless steel hookah
- Height: 30 cm, weight: 1.80 kg
- Hose supplied
- Ceramic bowl included
- Color matched bowl, pipe, vases

MYA QT replacement vase are classic resistant glass vases.


Darnashop is a member of the official MYA distribution network France. Our original spare parts are guaranteed.



The hookah vases for QT were designed to serve as replacement parts, in case you would break your vase.


However, these vases can also be fitted to the MYA QT, QT2, Mono, Vento, Bambino or Piccolo hookah body. Do not hesitate to mix hookah parts to find the model that best suits you!

EPOK silicone bowl: the best unbreakable bowl for Kaloud!

The EPOK bowl is a large silicone phunnel bowl specially designed to be used in combination with a Kaloud type heating system. Unlike some silicone bowls which can leave a stray taste, the EPOK silicone bowl does not alter the taste of the session. The high-end silicone used by EPOK is particularly hard which makes this head resistant to wear, and prevents the Kaloud from collapsing during heating.

The EPOK silicone hearth does not require a seal to be installed, it is placed directly on the hearth connector of your shisha?

The EPOK silicone bowl has a capacity of approximately 20 grams of tobacco and allows smoking for approximately 1h30.

Dandy Glass Vanity: The spiral-shaped glass handle that will make your head spin!

The Vanity glass handle from Dandy Glass is a handle that will make your head spin in every sense of the word. With its spiral design, like an "infinite screw", the Vanity handle is likely to stun you with its sought-after design. It will also turn heads by attracting attention with its many metallic colors and shiny reflections. Finally, it will turn your head by allowing you to obtain huge clouds of smoke thanks to its powerful flow and its wide round mouthpiece.

The Dandy Glass Vanity will appeal to smokers who want to enjoy the pleasure of a glass pipe but are afraid of the fragile nature of this material. Without being unbreakable, the Vanity handle has a simple, one-piece structure which makes it one of the strongest and most resistant glass handles on the market.

The Dandy Glass Vanity handle is compatible with all silicone hoses sold at Darnashop. To insert the Vanity Handle into the silicone hose, Darnashop recommends moistening the insertion rod to aid in connection. It can be used with male hygienic tips.

If you are looking for a complete pipe, you can also find the Vanity Dandy Glass in a pipe version by clicking HERE

The hose is the most important part of a pipe. It is the hose that determines whether a hose is washable or not washable. It is also the hose that determines the flow rate of a pipe based on its circumference.

Silicone hoses are now considered by connoisseurs to be the best hoses for shisha. They allow to obtain a maximum flow for a dense and intense smoke.

Darnashop's silicone hoses measure 150cm and are made of food grade silicone. They are made in Germany and will not impart any stray tastes to your shisha. They can be washed as many times as necessary, all you have to do is pass water through them.

Darnashop offers a very wide choice of silicone hose colors as well as two color finishes: Glossy and Soft Touch. In glossy finish, your pipe will have a glossy appearance reflecting the light and giving a very modern look to your hookah. In Soft Touch finish, the hose has a matt appearance and a very soft touch that does not catch dust. Take your pick!

To enjoy your favorite shisha flavors without mixing them, think about buying several hoses (by identifying them for example by their color) and reserve a hose for each flavor of tobacco!

Electric Charcoal Starter for Hookah Charcoal:

The Elephant spiral charcoal starter is an electric accessory that allows you to quickly bring natural coals to a glowing ember stage.

With a 1000W heating element, the Elephant charcoal starter will have even the most stubborn natural coals lit in just a few minutes. According to our measurements, it takes only 5 minutes to properly light a coconut cube-type charcoal like Lokomotiv K26!

The Elephant charcoal starter features an On/Off button and a 5-position thermostat that allows you to adjust the heating power to your liking and prevent overheating of the heating element. With a sturdy and efficient 24cm square metal housing, this electric device is the ideal accessory if you want to experience the joys of natural charcoal hookah.

The Elephant charcoal starter for hookah charcoal does not have a storage reservoir but allows for quick ignition of natural charcoal for hookah. If you plan to cut the glowing coals before using them, consider complementing your charcoal starter with an appropriate charcoal holder!

Lokomotiv K26: Premium Shisha Charcoal!


Lokomotiv K26 charcoal is a high-quality natural charcoal made in Indonesia from the best coconut shell plantations. Thanks to carefully selected raw materials, Lokomotiv has developed premium charcoal with a very high carbon content and consistent manufacturing quality. The K26 comes in the form of 26mm cubes. This shape of shisha charcoal is increasingly used in Europe, where it is appreciated for its versatility. K26 charcoal can indeed be used in pairs in a Kaloud, a Provost, or in a Quasar Raas. The Lokomotiv K26 can also be used in a Brohood chimney-type system in groups of three or four pieces. The K26 differs from mainstream charcoals in its ability to maintain its climax (the moment when the charcoal is at its maximum intensity) longer due to its very high carbon content.

The production of K26 is limited by the availability of agricultural raw materials, as Lokomotiv uses only a specific type of coconut to manufacture consistently high-quality charcoal. The power and intensity of the Lokomotiv K26's heat guarantee thick smoke and long-lasting heating. By using K26 cubes, you will quickly understand that Lokomotiv charcoals truly live up to their name!
Lokomotiv K26 charcoal is also available in 3-kilogram packaging, allowing you to save. You can find the 3-kilogram packages by clicking HERE



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