Pack Unio Invaders

Pack Unio Invaders

Treat yourself to a futuristic-designed hookah for exceptional sessions! With this complete package, you'll benefit from the latest technological advancements in hookahs and a beautifully modern hookah.

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UNIO Tripod Hookah by AMY Deluxe

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The Elephant coal lighter is an electric hot plate designed to ignite hookah coals. With its 1000-watt heating element, this coal lighter is the most convenient and quickest solution for igniting natural hookah coals. A must-have for all smokers!

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Large Japanese Katuro Yoko fireplace for Kaloud Lotus. Deluxe Ceramic Fire Pit

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Pack Unio Invaders: your shisha with a futuristic design and all its equipment at a low price!

The first time you discovered it was at Darnashop! Find the AMY UNIO Invaders in an exclusive pack combining this futuristic hookah with a complete equipment set. In addition to the accessories included with the unio invaders hookah (chimney set for natural charcoal and pipe), the Unio Invaders pack includes: the best charcoal lighter plate, a high quality katuro Yoko bowl and a generic heating system for natural charcoal.

A complete configuration ideal for high quality sessions at a great price! For an optimal flavor rendering, we recommend the Ways tabamel (available with or without a nicotine booster). The ways with nicotine is available HEREand without nicotine HERE! And to get maximum smoke, order the best natural coals: Lokomotiv K26 coals!

A prolific builder, AMY makes it a point of honor to offer an infinite variety of models, from small pocket hookahs to high-end steel models. With the new UNIO Invaders hookah, AMY finally offers the tripod hookah that was still missing from its catalog. 80 cm high, the AMY UNIO Invaders shisha pipe is a superb stainless steel shisha pipe with a futuristic and sleek design. To this noble steel skeleton is added a superb diamond-like glass vase which gives the UNIO Invaders a very special look

Be careful though, behind this neat design hides a real shisha. The AMY UNIO Invaders offers remarkable performance with its small vase which perfectly compacts the smoke and densifies it to produce real clouds!

The UNIO Invaders is equipped with complete equipment with an exclusive directional connector that allows you to move the hose very easily without risking destabilizing the hookah, a silicone hose with a magnificent aluminum handle, a fireplace set with terracotta hearth or even a diffuser ensuring a light and silent draft.

Benefiting from the attention to detail and manufacturing quality of which AMY has the secret, the UNIO Invaders is undoubtedly one of the best tripod hookahs on the market!

- Hookah UNIO by Amy Deluxe
- Stainless steel hookah
- Height: 80 cm
- Silicone and aluminum hose
- Classic glass vase, thick and resistant
- Directional pipe connector included
- Coal tongs, hearth gasket included
- Terracotta hearth and heating chimney included
- Steel diffuser included

Electric Charcoal Starter for Hookah Charcoal:

The Elephant spiral charcoal starter is an electric accessory that allows you to quickly bring natural coals to a glowing ember stage.

With a 1000W heating element, the Elephant charcoal starter will have even the most stubborn natural coals lit in just a few minutes. According to our measurements, it takes only 5 minutes to properly light a coconut cube-type charcoal like Lokomotiv K26!

The Elephant charcoal starter features an On/Off button and a 5-position thermostat that allows you to adjust the heating power to your liking and prevent overheating of the heating element. With a sturdy and efficient 24cm square metal housing, this electric device is the ideal accessory if you want to experience the joys of natural charcoal hookah.

The Elephant charcoal starter for hookah charcoal does not have a storage reservoir but allows for quick ignition of natural charcoal for hookah. If you plan to cut the glowing coals before using them, consider complementing your charcoal starter with an appropriate charcoal holder!

The Katuro Yoko fireplace is one of the centerpieces of the Katuro fireplace collection. This luxury fireplace is the expression of the expertise and know-how of the master potters of Katuro. 11 centimeters high, the Katuro Yoko is a massive hearth molded in a very dense clayey earth and baked at high temperature. Like all fireplaces from the Japanese brand Katuro, the Yoko proudly bears the manufacturer's seal on its base, applied by the craftsman who made the piece. This symbol symbolizing a letter drawn with Sumi (traditional Japanese ink) is the sign of the authenticity of your home and its "handmade" character.

The Yoko is a fireplace specially designed for use in symbiosis with the Kaloud Lotus. The Katuro Yoko features a rim to stabilize the Kaloud on the bowl, and falls under the category of phunnel bowls. The wide central hole of the Yoko will ensure permanent smoke circulation and will never clog.

The Katuro Yoko is the perfect focus for your daily sessions. He consumes an average of 18 grams of tobacco for a session duration of up to 1h30 in optimal conditions. The technical characteristics of the Yoko allow it to combine optimal smoke density with the preservation of taste. The magnificent enamels used in projection by Katuro to achieve the finishes of the Yoko hearth give it a unique style and reinforce the already excellent thermal properties of clay. The Yoko fireplace heats up quickly and maintains very good inertia over time... ideal for a tasty session!

Katuro fire pits are handcrafted through an entirely artisanal process. Each hearth is unique and the enameling of each piece is different. The chromatic mixture and the distribution of the enamels on the fireplaces delivered may differ from the illustration visual.



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