Pack chicha Majordome

Pack chicha Majordome

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The Butler shisha is a hookah made entirely of laboratory glass from the Dandy Glass brand. With its massive and solid vase, this luxury shisha is designed for optimal flavor restitution and does not retain the taste of previous sessions

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Home for Kaloud Lotus Katuro Fuji

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Large MOD grommet

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Ways is one of the best shisha tabamels on the market. The Ways range includes the most famous shisha tobacco flavors, such as Love 66, Lady Killer, Hawaii or sweet mint! Ways is the guarantee of big dense and tasty clouds!

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Electric resistor to light your natural coals

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Premium Lokomotiv natural charcoal in the shape of cubes of 26mm sides

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Charcoal hookah tongs

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Shisha Dandy Glass Majordorme: A luxury hookah at the service of your pleasure!

The Dandy Glass Butler hookah is a real laboratory glass hookah. This means that all of the elements that make it up are made of glass, excluding any metal part. The particularity of Borosilicate glass (the laboratory glass used in the manufacture of the butler) is to be particularly aesthetic, but above all to resist heat and not to retain the tastes and smells of previous sessions. With the Dandy Glass Butler hookah, you will favor the flavor rendering for a perfect expression of the taste of your tobacco.

The second feature that should be noted about this laboratory glass hookah is that it will offer you extreme resistance to wear. Indeed, contrary to its image as a brittle material, borosilicate glass is more resistant to wear than metals such as stainless steel or brass. If you clean it properly and maintain it with care, your Dandy Glass Butler Shisha will retain its original shine and look like new even after years of use!

The Dandy Glass Butler is a chicha with a neat aesthetic. The modern lines of its vase form a very compact storage chamber for the smoke, which will make it easier to obtain large clouds. To take advantage of all the transparency of the glass and its superb design, the Butler comes with an LED lighting system controlled by a remote control. This light source will allow you to illuminate the vase and obtain a magnificent visual rendering.

The Dandy Glass Butler is a shisha with a fluid and light draw due to the diffusers that equip its immersion rods. There are two of these with a rod focus (heating system compatible) and a multi-focus stem (allowing you to use any focus on your butler shisha.

The connection of the hose is made without any joints (the other big advantage of glass hookahs!) thanks to 18/8 connectors with sandblasted ground joint. The Butler will be provided with a silicone hose and a beautiful Dandy Glass Spleen handle, one of the brand's most luxurious shisha handles!

To ensure safe transport of your Dandy Glass Butler shisha pipe, it will be delivered to you in a specially dedicated box with a thermoformed foam interior. There will therefore be no risk that your Butler glass shisha will reach you damaged!

Katuro Fuji bowl for Kaloud: The XXL shisha head for your long sessions!

The Katuro Fuji fireplace is the centerpiece of the Japanese brand Katuro's collection. This luxury fireplace is the most massive fireplace that has ever come out of the Katuro workshops. Each Fuji bowl weighs on average nearly 250 grams, a mass never before seen in the shisha universe!

The Fuji hearth is made from a clayey earth unique in its kind and selected by the master potters of Katuro for its properties of resistance but also and above all of heat conduction perfectly adapted to cooking.

After the shape of the hearth has been shaped by hand on the potter's wheel, the Fuji hearth is fired at very high temperatures to expel the air present in the earth and harden the material. The piece is then enamelled in order to waterproof the bowl, and give the Fuji its unique appearance, under the effect of the exceptional color of the 12 enamels, each symbolizing a sign of the zodiac.

The Katuro Fuji is a large phunnel bowl designed to be used in combination with a Kaloud Lotus type heating system. Its capacity of approximately 30 grams makes it a fireplace cut out for long sessions. The Fuji offers incomparable comfort by preserving the flavor of your tobacco and will allow you to smoke for more than an hour and a half without loss of quality. The Fuji also has a lip (edge) holding the Kaloud in place and preventing falls.

Each Fuji fireplace is made by hand, the delivered example may therefore vary significantly from the visual illustration provided. Katuro Fuji stoves are stamped with the brand's emblem to guarantee authenticity and quality. These pieces of fine craftsmanship will enhance each of your shisha sessions!

The MOD Deluxe is a thick grommet. Thick and resistant, this MOD grommet is one of the most efficient gasket on the market. Thanks to the grainy sleeve, this MOD Deluxe grommet is perfect for keeping the tighteness of your bowl.

The MOD Deluxe is a large grommet which is compatible with numerous bowls. Cascada, Saphire, HC, Vortex, Ceramic bowls are perfect when used with this accessory!


There is no enjoyable smoking session without an airtightally sealed hookah. That is why the seals are an essential part of the proper functioning of your hookah.


Remember that no seals, means no tightness, and without a perfect seal, you won't get a lot of smoke!



When you change your coals and place your used coals in the tray of your hookah, do not burn your bowl seal. You thus will improve the lifetime of your seal and prevent your smoking session to taste like rubber!

The Tabamel Ways: the other way to smoke shisha

Ways is a hookah tabamel made from cellulose sheets. Composed of leaves presented in a thin cut and flavored with different aromas, Ways is a new way to enjoy your shisha. The Tabamel Ways is compatible with any type of shisha, with all fireplaces and all heating systems. So you can use it regardless of your device.

Ways is a taste for shisha that will allow you to obtain large clouds of smoke while enjoying an intense flavor, thanks to the extraordinary absorption capacity of the cellulose that composes it. These cellulose sheets replace tobacco leaves and absorb glycerine and flavorings (molasses). It is these components that evaporate under the effect of the heat of the coals to release thick white and fragrant clouds.

Ways tobacco therefore works exactly on the same principle as shisha tobacco, but by replacing tobacco leaves with cellulose, the product does not contain tobacco and works on the principle of vaporization which allows it to not to be subject to tobacco taxes and to display a very competitive price for a shisha taste of this quality!

Smoking shisha with or without nicotine: the choice is yours!

The main criticism that is often leveled at nicotine-free shisha tastes is that the nicotine present in tobacco leaves is for some smokers an integral part of the enjoyment of shisha. When you enjoy a hookah with tobacco, the nicotine naturally present in the leaves of the molasses causes your throat to constrict. It is this phenomenon called "hit" in English that causes a feeling of relaxation and pleasure that traditional tobacco smokers may miss. To meet the expectations of all shisha smokers, whatever their habits, Ways is the first tabamel to have been designed to be mixed with a nicotine booster, so as to faithfully reproduce the sensations of shisha tobacco. By mixing the Booster Ways with your Ways tobacco, you will obtain a shisha taste with a pronounced flavor and giving you the same hit as a traditional shisha tobacco! Find the Ways nicotine booster in clicking hereand also enjoy our tabamel plus booster packs at a special price by clicking here!

The flavor of the best shisha tobacco in the world à la carte!

Ways is an innovative shisha taste that gives you access to the taste of the best shisha tobacco brands, to choose whether you want to consume it with or without nicotine, and all at a low price! The Ways tabamel is the opportunity to travel to the end of the world without leaving your couch! Check out the flavor list!

Love 66:

One of the most famous tobaccos of the moment. Offered in most shisha bars in France, this fruity mix combines the tanginess of passion fruit with the sweetness of watermelon and melon. A taste that has become a classic to enjoy in any season! Our tasting advice? Accompany your session with a bitter drink (Tonic, beer or green tea) to counterbalance the sweet flavor of Love 66!

Covent Garden:

Particularly original, the verdant "Covent Garden" cocktail is a refreshing blend of lime and Moroccan mint. Perfect to enjoy with a glass of Mojito or a white lemonade, here is a dynamic taste that smells good on sunny days and aperitifs with friends!

Dupont Circle:

Ways offers you with this fragrance, a bouquet of freshly picked Blue Myst! This blend of blueberry and icy mint is one of the most popular flavors in North America. Delicious to taste with a fruit juice (why not a Cranberry juice, or a fresh Apple - Cherry fruit juice). Our secret for the greediest? Accompany it with a bowl of Granola with cottage cheese and red fruits... A real treat!

Lady Killer:

Can't decide between berries and exotic fruits? Opt for a box of Lady Killer! This fun and sweet aroma is a perfectly balanced blend of mango and very sweet red fruits on the palate. Easy to smoke and accessible to all, the Lady Killer is a little aggressive shisha taste that will appeal to the greatest number. To accompany your Lady Killer, opt for an iced tea that will add a refreshing touch!


To smoke shisha like a real Williamsburg hipster, you don't need a fixie bike or a mustache. Just order a pot of Ways Williamsburg and immediately embark on Brooklyn's hippest neighborhood! Delicate and refined, the Williamsburg taste combines the strength of an Italian green pistachio with the sweetness of pecan nuts. A gourmet flavor to enjoy with an Espresso or a delicious creamy cappuccino!

Brooklyn Bridge:

Need to freshen up? Take a little height and enjoy a light breeze while surveying the Brooklyn Bridge! This delicate blend of sweet mint and cane sugar is a very fresh tobacco without being aggressive. The cane sugar note offers a most pleasant depth and complexity! Brooklyn Bridge can also be used mixed with other WAYS flavors to enhance their freshness!

Coney Island:

How about going back to your childhood for a shisha session? Coney Island takes you to discover the sweet flavors that you enjoyed in the fairground aisles! Tasting a session of Ways Coney Island is like gobbling down a packet of tagada strawberries and Haribo bananas, but without risking getting fat! Do not hesitate to buy some sour candies at the bakery to taste this exceptionally sweet taste... It's bad for your teeth but so delicious!

Wall Street:

Pear is an often overlooked flavor in the world of shisha tobacco. This fruit is however one of the most consumed in France and deserves its place in your chicha taste collection! Wall Street fills this void with a delicious aroma of juicy Williams pear, backed by a hint of fresh mint. We love to drink a good old coca-cola with the Wall Street... Weird but that's the way it is!

Time Square:

Chicha is a pleasure for adults who sometimes like to go back to childhood. With the Ways Time Square, you'll go straight back to the days when you had a marble bag and a schoolbag! The Ways Time Square indeed has the same flavor as Lutti's famous Harlequin candies. Does it surprise you that we can put a candy flavor in the hearth of a shisha? Try Times Square, you won't get tired of it!

Grand Central:

This shisha taste from the Ways brand will require you to take real precautions when using it and you need to close the jar after each use if you don't want to see birds picking your tabamel. The sour cherry taste of Ways Grand Central is so convincing that the birds may be mistaken! A powerful flavor enhanced with just the right amount of mint for freshness! Our cute sin? taste the Ways Grand Central with a little water grenadine!


This summer blend of pineapple and mango is a must-have that appeals to novice smokers and seasoned experts alike. A true invitation to travel, this exotic taste smacks of holidays, monoï oil and fine sand... It's simple, if our team hadn't had the Ways Hawaii during confinement, we would undoubtedly have sunk into depression! Our favorite side dish with Hawaii? A glass of the drink of the same name (this very popular drink in Morocco can now be found in many grocery stores in France!) served very cold!


Watermelon is a delicious and refreshing fruit, but its flavor may not be strong enough to be an interesting shisha taste. Ways had the excellent idea of combining this water fruit with the sweet side of harlequin candy and a hint of fresh mint. The result is an energizing, tonic taste that will allow you to smoke for long hours without getting tired!

Love Mio:

What if you stopped over in Costa Rica without leaving your home? This is the promise of the excellent "Amore Mio" perfume which combines the two national fruits of this small Central American state, the banana and the pineapple, by adding a hint of mint for freshness! A so caliente perfume that will transport you!

Edgware Road:

Impossible to imagine a range of shisha taste without it offering a double apple flavor! The double apple is arguably the best-selling shisha tobacco in the world. This flavor particularly appreciated in the Arab world is not a fruity flavor as its name might suggest, but it is a sweet and sour flavor that is similar to anise. A timeless classic that calls for a piping hot mint tea!

World Trade Center:

Lovers of sweet and mild tastes, here is a flavor that is likely to make your taste buds move! The World Trade Center combines a smooth flavor of ripe, juicy peach with the sweetness of iced black tea. Light and natural, the taste of Ways World Trade Center will be a real treat if you accompany it with a large glass of Ice Tea... With ice cubes of course!

Yankee Stadium:

The shisha and Baseball have one thing in common... The one holding the bat is in a hurry to make a lap of the field, the one who holds the pipe is in a hurry for the shisha to make a complete turn to be able to retrieve it! This is especially true when it's the delicious taste of Ways Yankee Stadium that is in the hearth of your shisha! That lemony, sweet lemonade flavor that will remind you of the sour candy flavor of your childhood. Our advice for making it an absolute delight? enjoy Yankee Stadium with a glass of Schweppes Citrus!


Welcome to Chinatown! Here the street is a real place of life, the stalls are overflowing with goods, spices and fruits from all over the world. WAYS Chinatown invites you to take a stroll through this joyful bazaar. With its fruity and invigorating blend of Grapefruit and Lychee, Chinatown is a taste rich in flavor that will be exquisite to taste accompanied by a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (Do not use Eduardo's Tropicana!) p>

110th Street:

WAYS strikes a blow with its new "110th Street" taste by being the first shisha taste brand to offer a purple flavor absolutely identical to the little candy you tasted in your childhood! Sweet, powerful, thrilling, 110th Street offers an exceptional violet flavor that you never get tired of! Play the 100% violet card by enhancing your session with a glass of Diabolo Violette!

The Spirale Elephant coal heater is an electrical accessory to promptly light natural coals.


With a power of a 1000W, the Spirale coal heater will light any coals in no time.. According to our experience, 4-minute is largely enough to light Coconara cubes!


The Spirale coal heater has an On / Off button and a 5 level thermostat allowing you to adjust the heating power at your convenience and to avoid overheating the resistance.


Consisting of a robust and efficient metal frame 24cm side length, this device is the perfect accessory if you want to discover the joys of hookah with natural coals.



The Spirale coal heater does not have a storage tank but allows a rapid ignition of natural hookah coal. If you plan to cut the coals before using them, remember to have a suitable coal carrier!

Lokomotiv K26 charcoal is a high quality natural charcoal made in Indonesia from coconut husks from the best plantations. Thanks to a carefully selected raw material, Lokomotiv has developed a premium coal with a very high carbon content and great regularity of manufacture. The K26 comes in the form of 26mm side cubes. This form of shisha coal is increasingly used in Europe where it is appreciated for its versatility. K26 coal can indeed be used by two pieces in a Kaloud, a Provost, or in a Quasar Raas.The Lokomotiv K26 can also be used on a 3 or 4 piece Brohood chimney type system. K26 differs from mainstream coals in its ability to hold its climax (when the coal is at its peak intensity) longer due to its very high carbon content.

The production of K26 is limited by the availability of agricultural raw materials, as Lokomotiv only uses a specific type of coconut to make charcoal with consistent qualities. The power and intensity of the heating of the Lokomotiv K26 are the guarantee of a thick smoke and a long heating. By using the K26 cubes, you will quickly understand that the Lokomotiv coals really live up to their name!

Lokomotiv K26 coal is also available in 3 kg packaging, allowing you to save money. You can find the 3-kilo packages by clicking HERE.

Due to difficulties with shipping coal from Indonesia, Lokomotiv 1kg Natural Charcoal may ship in blister without cardboard packaging until this disclaimer is removed.

The Tic Tac tongs are large size metal hookah coal tongs. Long and strong, the sharp end will be extremely practical for smokers who want to break their coals.


For a better grip, don't wash your hookah tongs. Carbon residues will bring an additional grip to your coals!



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