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Pack Steamulation FULL

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The Steamulation Prime PRO X2 Hookah, the latest version of the medium-sized model from the German brand Steamulation.

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The Spleen handle is one of the flagship accessories of the French brand Dandy Glass. 40 cm long, the Spleen aims to offer you a perfect experience, from the point of view of smoke, restitution of taste and aesthetics. A luxurious handle compatible with all silicone pipes

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Home for Kaloud Lotus Katuro Fuji

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Food grade silicone flexible, supple and strong. Length 150cm.

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Jakob Hansen's #9 plate is the best spiral charcoal lighter on the market. This device with a power of 1000W has been specially designed for lighting natural shisha charcoal. Plate #9 comes with a special grid. 1 year warranty

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Charcoal hookah tongs

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Large MOD grommet

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Steamulation Prime Pro X2: The new Steamulation model is available at Darnashop!

The new Steamulation Prime PRO X2 hookah is now available at Darnashop! The brand's unconditional smokers will not be disconcerted... this hookah is immediately identifiable as being a Steamulation, that is to say that it takes up the characteristic elements of the Steamulation hookahs such as the shape of the vase and the plate, as well than the column's rotating attachment system (called Steamclick 360).

The Stemulation PRME PRO X2 differs from the classic previous versions, however, by the arrival of new colors of vase as well as by the possibility of connecting the famous "blow off" system (to create 15 different purge effects) as well as sleeve (column cover for total customization of your shisha. To allow you to take advantage of these functions without making mistakes, Darnashop has prepared a special Blow off Kit for you to order by clicking HERE

The Prime Pro X2 now also benefits from an adjustable airflow at the hose connector, i.e. you can determine the resistance to the draw by adjusting the hose connector. Another novelty, the length of the plunger is now adjustable. This function, which until now was exclusively reserved for the classic Pro X2, is now also available on the premium

The Steamulation PRO X2 hookah is sold bare, without accessories. It is equipped with an adjustable plunger with more than 10 positions allowing you to choose the type of draw (fluid or resistant) and to manage the noise of the device. The sum of the column has a cut in diameter 18/8 to add a recuperator or a custom column (accessories sold separately HERE)


- Silver hookah in stainless steel
- Height: 44 cm
- Sold naked without bowl or pipe
- Bohemian glass vase
- Adjustable diffuser included
- Column with 360 degree attachment
- 18/8 column cut included
- compatible with the Blow off steamulation system (sold separately)

Dandy Glass Spleen handle: Treat yourself to a luxury laboratory glass shisha pipe for maximum smoke

The Dandy Glass Spleen is a luxury shisha pipe handle. Made entirely of borosilicate glass (laboratory glass), the Spleen handle measures 40cm. It consists of a twisted body and a magnificent finely chiseled headstock. The Spleen handle thus offers a pleasant grip and excellent balance. The spleen handle is assembled by hand, shaped with a heat lamp at very high temperatures and colored in the workshop so that each copy offers a unique rendering.

The Spleen handle perfectly symbolizes the spirit of the French brand Dandy Glass by being both sophisticated (by its lines and design) and at the same time rebellious (with its flashy and irreverent colors that shake up the codes of shisha ). If the Spleen is a technical accessory that offers a preserved flavor rendering (the great strength of the glass handles) and a big smoke, it is more than a simple object and constitutes a magnificent decorative element. Like a scepter, it will make you the king of shisha!

The large mouthpiece of the Spleen Dandy Glass delivers a large flow of smoke and allows the use of hygienic mouthpieces if necessary. The Dandy Glass Spleen handle can be connected to any silicone hose. To insert the Spleen handle into the silicone hose, Darnashop recommends that you moisten the insertion rod to facilitate the connection.

Katuro Fuji bowl for Kaloud: The XXL shisha head for your long sessions!

The Katuro Fuji fireplace is the centerpiece of the Japanese brand Katuro's collection. This luxury fireplace is the most massive fireplace that has ever come out of the Katuro workshops. Each Fuji bowl weighs on average nearly 250 grams, a mass never before seen in the shisha universe!

The Fuji hearth is made from a clayey earth unique in its kind and selected by the master potters of Katuro for its properties of resistance but also and above all of heat conduction perfectly adapted to cooking.

After the shape of the hearth has been shaped by hand on the potter's wheel, the Fuji hearth is fired at very high temperatures to expel the air present in the earth and harden the material. The piece is then enamelled in order to waterproof the bowl, and give the Fuji its unique appearance, under the effect of the exceptional color of the 12 enamels, each symbolizing a sign of the zodiac.

The Katuro Fuji is a large phunnel bowl designed to be used in combination with a Kaloud Lotus type heating system. Its capacity of approximately 30 grams makes it a fireplace cut out for long sessions. The Fuji offers incomparable comfort by preserving the flavor of your tobacco and will allow you to smoke for more than an hour and a half without loss of quality. The Fuji also has a lip (edge) holding the Kaloud in place and preventing falls.

Each Fuji fireplace is made by hand, the delivered example may therefore vary significantly from the visual illustration provided. Katuro Fuji stoves are stamped with the brand's emblem to guarantee authenticity and quality. These pieces of fine craftsmanship will enhance each of your shisha sessions!

The hose is the most important part of a pipe. It is the hose that determines whether a hose is washable or not washable. It is also the hose that determines the flow rate of a pipe based on its circumference.

Silicone hoses are now considered by connoisseurs to be the best hoses for shisha. They allow to obtain a maximum flow for a dense and intense smoke.

Darnashop's silicone hoses measure 150cm and are made of food grade silicone. They are made in Germany and will not impart any stray tastes to your shisha. They can be washed as many times as necessary, all you have to do is pass water through them.

Darnashop offers a very wide choice of silicone hose colors as well as two color finishes: Glossy and Soft Touch. In glossy finish, your pipe will have a glossy appearance reflecting the light and giving a very modern look to your hookah. In Soft Touch finish, the hose has a matt appearance and a very soft touch that does not catch dust. Take your pick!

To enjoy your favorite shisha flavors without mixing them, think about buying several hoses (by identifying them for example by their color) and reserve a hose for each flavor of tobacco!

Jakob Hansen's plate #9: The best charcoal lighter for smoking shisha

There are many devices to light natural charcoal. Most are generally kitchen appliances that have been diverted from their primary function without having really been designed for lighting natural coals, whether in terms of standards or materials.

The Jakob Hansen brand specializes in the manufacture of devices for lighting natural coals for shisha. Jakob Hansen produces top quality charcoal lighters that stand out from competing products for their excellent lifespan and wear resistance.

The Jakob Hansen N9 plate is the brand's most popular charcoal lighter. With a power of 1000W, the Jakob Hansen N9 plate is the fastest way to light natural charcoal. Its resistance rises very quickly in temperature to allow you to enjoy your shisha. It will only take you a few minutes to light a batch of natural shisha charcoal with this device. The Jakob Hansen N9 plate has a 5-position thermostat. The N9 Jakob Hansen plate is supplied with a support grid for the coals. The latter will allow you to take advantage of all the power of the device without prematurely damaging the resistance.

As a sign of the total confidence it has in its devices, the Jakob Hansen brand guarantees one year on all N9 plates purchased from authorized distributors.

The Tic Tac tongs are large size metal hookah coal tongs. Long and strong, the sharp end will be extremely practical for smokers who want to break their coals.


For a better grip, don't wash your hookah tongs. Carbon residues will bring an additional grip to your coals!

The MOD Deluxe is a thick grommet. Thick and resistant, this MOD grommet is one of the most efficient gasket on the market. Thanks to the grainy sleeve, this MOD Deluxe grommet is perfect for keeping the tighteness of your bowl.

The MOD Deluxe is a large grommet which is compatible with numerous bowls. Cascada, Saphire, HC, Vortex, Ceramic bowls are perfect when used with this accessory!


There is no enjoyable smoking session without an airtightally sealed hookah. That is why the seals are an essential part of the proper functioning of your hookah.


Remember that no seals, means no tightness, and without a perfect seal, you won't get a lot of smoke!



When you change your coals and place your used coals in the tray of your hookah, do not burn your bowl seal. You thus will improve the lifetime of your seal and prevent your smoking session to taste like rubber!



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