Cartouche Ursa Lost Vape

Cartouche Ursa Lost Vape

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Lost Vape Ursa cartridges offer a reliable and versatile vaping experience. These cartridges are compatible with Ursa Nano, Ursa Baby, and Ursa Nano Pro electronic cigarettes. With their 2.5ml reservoir, easy filling, and various coil options, they ensure a quality vape. Pack of 3 cartridges.

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Discover Lost Vape Ursa Cartridges: Vape with Style and Reliability

Lost Vape Ursa Cartridges offer a practical and reliable solution for your vaping experience. Compatible with a wide range of models, they are designed to meet your specific needs.

Wide Compatibility

Lost Vape Ursa Cartridges are compatible with Ursa Nano, Ursa Baby, Ursa Baby 2, Ursa Nano Pro, Ursa Nano Art, Ursa Nano S, Ursa Pocket, and Ursa Nano Air models. This versatility means you can choose the cartridge that best suits your preferred device.

Robust and Convenient

These cartridges are designed to last. They feature a 2.5ml capacity reservoir, providing ample capacity for extended vaping. Their robust design ensures they will withstand the rigors of daily life.

Easy Refilling

The refilling process is simple and convenient. Just lift the black silicone cap on the side of the cartridge and fill the reservoir with your favorite e-liquid. No hassle, no spills.

Various Resistances

Ursa Cartridges are available with different resistances: 0.6Ω, 0.8Ω, 1.0Ω, 1.2Ω, or 1.4Ω. You can choose the resistance that best matches your vaping style and flavor preferences.

Ready to Use

Once the resistance is installed, you're ready to vape. Sealed resistances offer consistent and reliable performance for an optimal vaping experience. When a cartridge is worn out, simply replace it with a new one to continue enjoying uninterrupted vaping.

With Lost Vape Ursa Cartridges, you have the assurance of quality vaping, wide compatibility, and ease of use. Choose the cartridge that suits you and enjoy an exceptional vaping experience with each puff. Each package contains 3 cartridges.


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