Pack Four Seasons WD Hookah

Pack Four Seasons WD Hookah

Complete luxury shisha pack

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The WD Hookah Four Seasons shisha pipe is a stainless steel hookah with four hose connections. This top model is a real smoking machine!

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Heating system for natural charcoal

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Phunnel bowl version by Saphire

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Electric resistor to light your natural coals

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Hose complete with sleeve and carbon-style silicone hose

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Large MOD grommet

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Did you like the configuration used by our in-house tester during our live? We offer you a complete pack around the WD Hookah 4 seasons so that you can find the same pleasure and the same quality of session at home!

WD Hookah Four Seaons: the luxurious shisha to share with friends!

WD hookah is a German shisha brand, offering models of exceptional quality at an ultra competitive price! With its four stainless steel connectors, the Four Season is a hookah that immediately invites you to share! You can indeed use this model alone, but also with two, three or four people according to your desires, thanks to the ball system fitted to each hose outlet.

Perfectly stable with its large glass vase, the WD Hookah Four Seasons is a shisha with high-end finish and a noble material for its column: stainless steel (stainless steel). This durable material makes the Four Season a true Professional hookah, designed for intensive use.

In terms of accessories, if it is sold naked without a bowl or pipe, the WD Hookah Four Seasons still receives a very efficient diffuser, four 18/8 pipe connectors (which therefore do not require joints and allow you to instantly connect up to 'to 4 silicone hoses!) as well as the inevitable 18/8 column cut allowing the addition of a molasses catcher.

Ideal for sharing shisha sessions with your friends, (as well as for your selfish pleasure!) the WD Hookah Four Seasons is a shisha with an amazing value for money that will delight your eyes as much as your taste buds!


- Silver stainless steel hookah
- Height: 53 cm, weight: 3.0 kg
- Sold naked without bowl or hose
- Classic, thick and resistant glass vase included
- Column with screw fixing
- Diffuser included
- 18/8 column cut included
- 4 18/8 pipe connectors included

Doctor No is a shisha heater transfer system from Apocalypse Hookah. This latest generation system is made entirely of aluminum (to offer maximum life to the device!) and satisfy lovers of powerful heating. Offering a hybrid design between chimney systems (completely open) and systems with a closed hood, the Docteur No is an astonishing compromise between these two cooking methods.

The Doctor No heating system allows easy management of the heating by allowing free access to the coals (as on Brohood type fireplaces). On the other hand, it transmits the heating via a base whose circumference is identical to that of a Kaloud Lotus(and it will therefore be compatible with all fireplaces provided for the Kaloud Lotus) a>.

The Doctor No offers an abundant smoke while remaining smooth, since the absence of a cover prevents an excessive rise in temperature. With its design modeled on the eye of Agamotto (fans of the Marvel universe will understand the reference!) the Doctor No is considered to be one of the most elegant and aesthetic heating systems on the market. It will elegantly crown both modern hookahs (with its latest generation aluminum) and more traditional configurations (with antique-style engravings).

The base of Doctor No has specific grooves used to elevate the charcoal and ensure optimal air circulation around the charcoal, and to prevent your natural charcoal cubes from going out.

To preserve the life of your Doctor No heating system, do not preheat it on your charcoal lighter, but let it heat up under the effect of your natural charcoal!

Saphire bowl are made of ceramic. Their known for their great look, their neat finishes and resistance.

The Saphire Phunnel bowl is a large 7cm bowl. It's actually the phunnel version of the famous Saphire Number 5 bowl. It must be used with a large MOD grommet. The elevated central holes allows you to use it with juicy shisha tobacco and/or steam stones, gels, etc...


The Saphire Phunnel bowl is perfect to use with Kaloud Lotus heat management systems.

The Spirale Elephant coal heater is an electrical accessory to promptly light natural coals.


With a power of a 1000W, the Spirale coal heater will light any coals in no time.. According to our experience, 4-minute is largely enough to light Coconara cubes!


The Spirale coal heater has an On / Off button and a 5 level thermostat allowing you to adjust the heating power at your convenience and to avoid overheating the resistance.


Consisting of a robust and efficient metal frame 24cm side length, this device is the perfect accessory if you want to discover the joys of hookah with natural coals.



The Spirale coal heater does not have a storage tank but allows a rapid ignition of natural hookah coal. If you plan to cut the coals before using them, remember to have a suitable coal carrier!

The Carbonaddict Hose is a latest generation shisha hose combining a silicone hose and a handle fully coated with carbon pattern. This shisha pipe sports an attractive style and allows you to obtain a big smoke thanks to its large flow. Regular smokers will appreciate the lightness of the carbon handle of this pipe which will be forgotten by its featherweight! The Carbonaddict hose is fully washable and can be washed as many times as needed.

No to carbon emissions in the atmosphere... But yes to carbon pipes!

The MOD Deluxe is a thick grommet. Thick and resistant, this MOD grommet is one of the most efficient gasket on the market. Thanks to the grainy sleeve, this MOD Deluxe grommet is perfect for keeping the tighteness of your bowl.

The MOD Deluxe is a large grommet which is compatible with numerous bowls. Cascada, Saphire, HC, Vortex, Ceramic bowls are perfect when used with this accessory!


There is no enjoyable smoking session without an airtightally sealed hookah. That is why the seals are an essential part of the proper functioning of your hookah.


Remember that no seals, means no tightness, and without a perfect seal, you won't get a lot of smoke!



When you change your coals and place your used coals in the tray of your hookah, do not burn your bowl seal. You thus will improve the lifetime of your seal and prevent your smoking session to taste like rubber!



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