Vortex Saphire Number 5 Bowl

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Large Vortex bowl

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The Saphire bowls are made in ceramic. They are famous for their unique look, their craftsmanship and their great strength. At the crossroads of fashion and hookah, Saphire offers trendy bowls that will immerse you in the world of Denim brand ...


Saphire Number 5 is a big 7 cm diameter Vortex. It must be used with a Large MOD seal for large bowl. The holes in the sapphire, like all Vortex bowl holes are on an axis, allowing you to use your most humidified steam stones and tobacco without fearing suction loss or liquid in your stem.


But why the number 5? Because it is reminiscent of the one chosen by a famous perfume brand to be his emblem ... and all sapphire No. 5 have 5 holes on the vortex axis against 4 usually on this kind of model!



The Saphire No. 5 is a large bowl particularly suitable for the use of natural coal. Its large size allows it to withstand the power of intense heat and offer sessions a very comfortable last. If you want to discover the hookah with a German touch, this bowl is made for you!


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