Récupérateur Snob Dandy Glass

Récupérateur Snob Dandy Glass


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The Snob is a luxurious hookah molasses catcher from Dandy Glass. This 4 branch glass recuperator is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship intended to purify your shisha smoke. Compatible with all 18/8 cut hookahs

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Dandy Glass Snob Scavenger: He's one of the finest hookah molasses scavengers...and he knows it!

The Snob Dandy Glass is a premium hookah molasses catcher. Refined and neat, this laboratory glass recuperator is handcrafted by glassmakers from the Dandy Glass brand who shape borosilicate glass at very high temperatures, using blowtorches. The operation is particularly complex because the Snob is a recuperator with 4 branches that must be assembled to the body of the recuperator while maintaining a harmonious appearance.

The function of the Snob Molasses Catcher is to capture dirt and impurities that fall from your shisha bowl when you smoke. The Snob molasses catcher will purify your shisha smoke by collecting pieces of ash, tobacco branches, or even glycerin that flow from your head or are transported by the flow of smoke.

The Dandy Glass Snob is a majestic catcher that instantly connects to all hookahs that feature an 18/8 column cut. Its central piece, in addition to its function as a connector, can be filled with water and dye so as to add a decorative touch to this already particularly aesthetic accessory.

The separation of the smoke flow in 4 through the Snob recuperator gives a very pleasant silencer diffuser effect which brings a lot of softness to the draw of your shisha.

To avoid any risk of breakage, be sure to respect the order of connection of the recuperator, the plate and the firebox. If you are not familiar with these precautions, watch the video on this sheet which explains how to install a recuperator!

The Snob Dandy Glass Molasses Catcher is 20cm tall



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