Coco Goza 80 pièces

Coco Goza 80 pièces

Coco Goza quick-lighting coconut charcoal cubes in box of 80 cubes

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Lighting a cube of coconut charcoal in one minute flat... Impossible? No! This is now a reality with Coco Goza Charcoal! This charcoal made from coconut shell is cut into 25mm cubes like standard natural charcoal (Tom cococha Gold, Cocobrico... ). Coco Goza coal can thus be used without any problem in a Kaloud Lotus heating system, in a Brohood or to feed a Provost. The particularity of the Coco Goza chabron is that it is a self-igniting charcoal that can be ignited using a simple lighter. The coconut charcoal cube is indeed coated with a starter substance that makes it ready to use in a minute.

Perfect for your on-the-go sessions, Coco Goza charcoal is packaged in small 5-cube tablets that allow you to take only the amount you need and enjoy a Kaloud or Brohood session anywhere with a minimum of space... the ideal coal for your holidays!


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