Tuyau Candystick AMY

Tuyau Candystick AMY

Luxury glass and silicone shisha hose

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Glass mouthpiece by Magic Glass

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Food grade silicone flexible, supple and strong. Length 150cm.

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Connecting tip for silicone hoses

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The AMY Candystick Hose is one of the most premium shisha accessories. Composed of a sublime glass handle and a flexible food-grade silicone, this pipe is cut for performance and to faithfully deliver the flavors of your shisha tobacco.

The Candystick shisha pipe delivers a very high flow and will allow you to obtain real clouds of smoke. Pleasant in the mouth, it is also very practical since you can disassemble it into three parts and clean it with water as many times as necessary.

For users of hygienic mouthpieces, preferably use male whistle tipswith this hose

The Candystick shisha pipe is ideal as a gift. Its elegant design and prestige are sure to please, and this pipe is also adaptable to the vast majority of hookahs. You can't go wrong buying it!

Candy stick glass mouthpieces are real pieces of art. They are made of laboratory grade glass and are manufactured in the German workshops of the Magic Glass brand by experienced glass blowers.


With a 40cm length, Candy Stick mouthpieces are two entertwined glass pieces that meet under a colored glass ball. Colors remind of the famous lollipops when we were young...guess that's where the name comes from!


Manufactured on a small scale, Candy Stick mouthpieces will be perfect with a silicone hose (you can even fit them into Sword silicone hoses) and will bring a design and elegant touch to your smoking sessions!

The hose is the most important part of a pipe. It is the hose that determines whether a hose is washable or not washable. It is also the hose that determines the flow rate of a pipe based on its circumference.

Silicone hoses are now considered by connoisseurs to be the best hoses for shisha. They allow to obtain a maximum flow for a dense and intense smoke.

Darnashop's silicone hoses measure 150cm and are made of food grade silicone. They are made in Germany and will not impart any stray tastes to your shisha. They can be washed as many times as necessary, all you have to do is pass water through them.

Darnashop offers a very wide choice of silicone hose colors as well as two color finishes: Glossy and Soft Touch. In glossy finish, your pipe will have a glossy appearance reflecting the light and giving a very modern look to your hookah. In Soft Touch finish, the hose has a matt appearance and a very soft touch that does not catch dust. Take your pick!

To enjoy your favorite shisha flavors without mixing them, think about buying several hoses (by identifying them for example by their color) and reserve a hose for each flavor of tobacco!


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