Pack Sortie E23

Pack Sortie E23

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Mr EDS Small King E23 hookah pipe with leather carry bag

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Large Japanese Katuro Yoko fireplace for Kaloud Lotus. Deluxe Ceramic Fire Pit

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The SHERPA is the first 3-coal heating system to feature the patented rotating lid functionality by the Kaloud brand. The SHERPA is designed for smokers looking for maximum smoke and heating power.

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E23 Release Pack: The best shisha pack to smoke all summer long without losing quality!

Do you want to be able to smoke at the beach with the same quality as when you are in your living room? You have planned to go to the end of the world with a minimum of luggage but you want to taste an excellent shisha? Or do you just want to do a session down from home without having to move too much gear?

The Outlet E23 shisha pack is made for you! It includes a luxury Mr Eds E23 hookah and its leather carrying bag, which will allow you to take it everywhere with a minimum of bulk. A heating system and a Japanese Katuro Sobo fireplace are also provided to allow you to obtain maximum smoke, as well as a kilo of Fast Coco coal, the coal that allows you to smoke Kaloud while lighting up effortlessly with a simple lighter!

This complete configuration is ready to use, all you need is some taste and a little water to put in the vase to enjoy an excellent shisha session, all at a promotional price like all Darnashop packs !

The Small King E23 hookah is a small portable hookah from the Turkish brand Mr Eds. 39 centimeters high, this compact shisha offers the possibility of enjoying a quality shisha wherever you want, while taking up minimal space. This small, high-quality model emphasizes high-end materials by mixing stainless steel, decorative resin, and artisanal glass (for the vase part).

On the performance side, the pleasure of a nervous shisha and a compact smoke are there thanks to the very efficient diffuser. The smoke accumulates densely in the vase and the valve hidden in the column offers a real spectacle when you blow into the pipe to empty the vase. It's easy to get big clouds with this quick-to-use model.

The Small King is an easily transportable shisha pipe thanks to its very neat leather carrying bag. This elegant bag has many pockets which will allow you to easily carry your hookah and its accessories in complete safety. This genuine leather carrying bag is a real plus of this model which also includes a silicone hose hose and a metal handle.

The Mr Eds Small King hookah is truly a model to recommend for all smokers who travel but want to maintain an irreproachable quality of session even away from home!


- Height: 39 cm
- Handcrafted glass vase
- Silicone hose included
- Hose sleeve included
- Diffuser included
- Valve integrated in the column

The Katuro Yoko fireplace is one of the centerpieces of the Katuro fireplace collection. This luxury fireplace is the expression of the expertise and know-how of the master potters of Katuro. 11 centimeters high, the Katuro Yoko is a massive hearth molded in a very dense clayey earth and baked at high temperature. Like all fireplaces from the Japanese brand Katuro, the Yoko proudly bears the manufacturer's seal on its base, applied by the craftsman who made the piece. This symbol symbolizing a letter drawn with Sumi (traditional Japanese ink) is the sign of the authenticity of your home and its "handmade" character.

The Yoko is a fireplace specially designed for use in symbiosis with the Kaloud Lotus. The Katuro Yoko features a rim to stabilize the Kaloud on the bowl, and falls under the category of phunnel bowls. The wide central hole of the Yoko will ensure permanent smoke circulation and will never clog.

The Katuro Yoko is the perfect focus for your daily sessions. He consumes an average of 18 grams of tobacco for a session duration of up to 1h30 in optimal conditions. The technical characteristics of the Yoko allow it to combine optimal smoke density with the preservation of taste. The magnificent enamels used in projection by Katuro to achieve the finishes of the Yoko hearth give it a unique style and reinforce the already excellent thermal properties of clay. The Yoko fireplace heats up quickly and maintains very good inertia over time... ideal for a tasty session!

Katuro fire pits are handcrafted through an entirely artisanal process. Each hearth is unique and the enameling of each piece is different. The chromatic mixture and the distribution of the enamels on the fireplaces delivered may differ from the illustration visual.

SHERPA: The 3 Charcoal Heating System with Patented Kaloud Technology

Beskar sherpa

The SHERPA is a high-end heating system developed by the brand BESKAR. This accessory was designed in collaboration with the American brand Kaloud, allowing the SHERPA to feature the patented rotating lid system of the latter. The SHERPA was developed to meet the demand of shisha smokers for an even more intense heat, using larger and larger natural charcoal cubes. The SHERPA will allow you to smoke with the lid closed using 3 natural charcoal cubes of 26mm in size.

The SHERPA is made of solid aluminum, giving it great durability and resistance to wear. The SHERPA is perfect for intensive use in shisha bars or for regular smokers. It stands out from other systems with its base, which has been specially designed to prevent your charcoals from going out. The base of the SHERPA is studded with small spikes that prevent your charcoals from resting directly on the bottom of the system and ensure a constant circulation of air around your cubes. This optimal air circulation will provide oxygen to the charcoals and prevent them from going out while maximizing the temperature.

Beskar sherpa
Beskar sherpa

The upper part of the SHERPA consists of a sliding lid based on the patented technology by Kaloud. Its function is to regulate the heat of the charcoals and allow you to control the amount of heat transmitted to the tobacco. When the heat becomes too intense during the session and you feel that the shisha flavor is about to burn, act immediately by removing the lid of the SHERPA to lower the temperature. You will then regain control of your bowl and can put the lid back on once the flavor has stabilized!


We recommend using this heating system in combination with a bowl that has a lip for a perfect fit. There are many available at Darnashop, such as the Katuro SOBO and Yoko, the Dandy Glass Glassbowlfix, or the EPOK silicone bowl. Never place the SHERPA on your charcoal burner, as it could deform it.


- Heating system compatible with three 26mm cube charcoals
- Straight edges for maximum capacity
- Solid aluminum structure
- Rotating lid patented by Kaloud
- Compatible with all Kaloud Lotus-sized bowls
- Internal structure prevents charcoal from going out
- Silicone handle



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