The Aladin EPOX 360 PRO shisha is a high-end shisha that has the particularity of having 10 different purges! Valve hidden in the column, purge that blows under the plate or on the hearth, you decide the style and can change at any time!

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Aladin EPOX 360 PRO: The shisha with 10 different purges!

If the Aladin Epox 360 PRO hookah looks familiar, that's normal. The latter indeed looks a lot like the Aladdin A36 shisha that you could have discovered in preview at Darnashop. The Aladin EPOX 360 PRO indeed shares the same glass vase and the same general design with the A36. However, it differs in the material that makes up its column (an Epoxy resin in the case of the EPOX 360 PRO) and stainless steel in the case of the A36.

But even more than the style of its column, it is from a functional point of view that the Aladin EPOK hookah is an unprecedented innovation. Emphasizing its customizable nature, the Aladin EPOX 360 PRO shisha pipe is indeed the very first shisha pipe to include TEN different purge styles.

How is it possible that the Aladin EPOX 360 PRO offers so many choices in the operation of its valve? To understand it, it is worth considering in detail its composition. This highly technical shisha pipe will indeed systematically be delivered to you with not one but two different columns (including a column with a hole which will allow you to activate a horizontal purge through the column). The Aladin EPOX 360 PRO also comes with a main plate (used as an ashtray) like most shisha models on the market, but also a smaller secondary plate to create a smoke fountain effect under the fireplace.To download our special manual explaining how to set up the 10 different purges click HERE a>

By combining these different elements, you can obtain 10 different purges (remember to watch the video on this product sheet!)

A real smoking machine, the Aladin EPOX 360 PRO is also perfectly equipped with its aluminum-handled silicone pipe, its 18/8 pipe connector which means you don't have to use a joint, its terracotta hearth with heats (to smoke with natural charcoal!) its clamp or even its spring. By combining aesthetics, functionality and performance, the Aladin EPOX 360 PRO is an essential shisha for lovers of character purges, and as an accessory of choice for taking incredible photos on instagram!


- Stainless steel and epoxy hookah pipe
- Height: 36 cm
- Silicone and aluminum hose
- Height adjustable diffuser included
- Terracotta bowl included
- Heating grid included
- Charcoal tongs included
- Hose spring included
- Two Epoxy columns included
- 10 different purges



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