Volcan Vapor Stone

Volcano Vapor Stone shisha stone

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Volcano Vapor Stones are a shisha consumable for use in your hookah bowl. This shisha taste is made up of mineral stones that are soaked in flavored glycerine in liquid form. Volcano vapor stones are porous and have the property of absorbing glycerin and releasing it into vapor when subjected to a heat source. The Volcan Vapor Stone shisha stones are distinguished from other stone brands on the market by their micro-granular structure which allows them to absorb a higher quantity of glycerin and therefore offer a longer duration of use for the same quantity. . Unlike some brands of shisha stone which drain quickly and can burn your throat, Volcan Vapor Stone packs more aroma and flavor to give you maximum taste and big clouds during a long session.


The Volcano Vapor Stones are extremely convenient to use since they do not require any special skills to be prepared. All you have to do is shake the pot of stones well, take the stones with a small spoon, place the stones to the brim in the hearth and have a heat source (electric coal, kaloudetc...). It will be more convenient to use the Volcan shisha stones in a hearth with raised holes like a phunnel or a vortex so as to avoid losing aroma or pebbles in the holes of the hearth.

At the end of the session, you can collect the Volcano stones from the fireplace, then rinse them, dry them and store them in a separate container. These stones are refillable, so you can refill them using Adalya Mix liquidor any other flavored glycerin refill.

Volcano Vapor Stones do not contain shisha tobacco or nicotine.


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