Pack Start & Smoke L

Pack Start & Smoke L

Hookah pack ready to use

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The AMY 470 Hookah is one of the iconic models of the brand, which has greatly contributed to its recognition in France. This hookah, originally launched for the first time at Darnshop, was one of the first hookahs to feature a click closure system. Still as relevant as ever, the AMY 470 is fully equipped and offers an exceptional value for money.

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The Elephant coal lighter is an electric hot plate designed to ignite hookah coals. With its 1000-watt heating element, this coal lighter is the most convenient and quickest solution for igniting natural hookah coals. A must-have for all smokers!

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Natural Premium cubic hookah and chicha coals

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Pack Start and Smoke L: the hookah kit for beginners for less than 100 euros!

Having trouble choosing from our many references? Difficult for you to know which pipe to associate with which hookah, or which charcoal reference to select from our maze of brands and packaging? Or more simply do you want a complete configuration at the best price? Darnashop has designed the "Start amp; Smoke" offers for you! Start amp; Smoke are complete offers that include everything you need to immediately enjoy excellent shisha.

The Start and Smoke L Pack is a very complete pack at a very reasonable price. It includes an AMY 470 Rips, a silicone pipe with aluminum handle, a terracotta hearth and a heating grid for natural charcoal, a large Tic Tac tongs, a kilo of natural charcoal, and a charcoal lighter! If you were planning to switch to natural charcoal, the Start and Smoke L pack is undoubtedly the ideal configuration to get you started! Order your shisha taste in our special section!

Chicha AMY Deluxe 470 Rips: The Queen of Shisha Bars!

The Amy Deluxe brand is primarily known in France for its silicone bowls. However, Amy is one of the most popular and significant brands in Germany. For over 10 years, Amy has been imprinting its style and making its mark by producing shishas that offer a great quality-to-price ratio. Renowned for the precision of its finishes and the intelligence of its designs, Amy stands out as one of the most accomplished mainstream brands.

The 470 Rips was born from AMY's desire to offer an all-in-one model. Contrary to the tacit rule that mainstream models come with mediocre quality accessories (small bowls, non-washable hoses)

A Shisha with Carefully Crafted Value for Money:

On the contrary, Amy offers with this 470 Rips a complete model for less than 75 euros. The 470 Rips is indeed a model with meticulous finishes (just look at the beauty of the solid vases!) and it comes extremely well-equipped as standard. It includes a silicone hose with an aluminum handle, a high-quality XL clamp, and a terracotta bowl with a chimney for natural charcoal.

Efficient Click System

The attachment of the column to the base of the vase is ensured by a rivet system (also called Click), reinforced by a gasket (provided) that offers excellent airtightness. The solid vase guarantees total stability, and the hose connector will allow you to connect any type of hose.

A Versatile Shisha Compatible with All Types of Charcoal

The AMY 470 Rips can be used with both self-igniting charcoal (such as 3Kings, for example) by placing aluminum foil on the head or with natural charcoal thanks to the included heating grid. Another notable advantage is that the holes in the terracotta bowl are located at the top of the bowl (similar to the at80 model), allowing this bowl to be used with both very moist premium tobaccos and with Ice Frutz or vapor stones.

The AMY 470 Rips is therefore a powerful and comprehensive model that will delight all types of smokers!

The 470 Rips comes standard with all the accessories you need for optimal operation... but don't forget to buy the flavor and charcoal! (suggestions available below).


  • Amy brand hookah
  • Stainless steel hookah
  • Height: 47 cm
  • Silicone and aluminum hose
  • Classic, thick, and durable glass vase
  • Click-type column attachment
  • Charcoal clamp, bowl gasket, hose gasket included
  • Terracotta bowl and heating grid included

Electric Charcoal Starter for Hookah Charcoal:

The Elephant spiral charcoal starter is an electric accessory that allows you to quickly bring natural coals to a glowing ember stage.

With a 1000W heating element, the Elephant charcoal starter will have even the most stubborn natural coals lit in just a few minutes. According to our measurements, it takes only 5 minutes to properly light a coconut cube-type charcoal like Lokomotiv K26!

The Elephant charcoal starter features an On/Off button and a 5-position thermostat that allows you to adjust the heating power to your liking and prevent overheating of the heating element. With a sturdy and efficient 24cm square metal housing, this electric device is the ideal accessory if you want to experience the joys of natural charcoal hookah.

The Elephant charcoal starter for hookah charcoal does not have a storage reservoir but allows for quick ignition of natural charcoal for hookah. If you plan to cut the glowing coals before using them, consider complementing your charcoal starter with an appropriate charcoal holder!

Last child of the famous German brand TOM, the Cococha Gold is a coconut bark based coal. Made in Indonesia, the TOM Cococha Gold is a Premium high quality coal. The TOM Cococha Gold coal has a cubic form with a side length of 25mm. This natural coal distinguishes itself from others by its pureness. It contains a higher carbon concentration, a lower humidity and produces a lower amount of ash when burning than its competitors. The consequence is immediate for hookah smokers: This premium coal is hotter, lasts longer, burns more uniformly than other natural coals. TOM charcoal official distributor, Darnashop acts side by side with the German manufacturer to fight imitations of this coal. Thanking, TOM gave us an honor by keeping this magnificent product for us, and to be the first distributor in France and Belgium! Thank you TOM! Tom Cococha Gold natural coals are powerful coals that has a long burning time. We therefore strongly recommend our users to use it with seperating grids, Kamin sets & bowls and Kaloud Lotus. The high heat of those coals will be wonderfully associated with these accessories.



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