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Discover the pack of 5 Z Series Coil Geek Vape resistances for superior quality vaping. With their Kanthal A1 mesh, these resistances offer even heating and rich flavors. Available in multiple versions to suit your vaping needs.

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Geek Vape Z Series Coil 5-Pack: Performance and Versatility


Discover the Geek Vape Z Series Coil 5-Pack for an optimal vaping experience. Crafted with Kanthal A1 mesh, these coils provide even heating and deliver rich flavors. Available in different versions to suit your vaping preferences.

The Geek Vape Z Series Coil 5-Pack is specially designed for Zeus Tank, P Sub Ohm Tank, and Obelisk Tank clearomizers. Easy to install without screws, these coils ensure optimal heating thanks to their Kanthal A1 mesh, eliminating any unwanted taste.

Offered in multiple versions, the Z Series coils offer exceptional versatility:

  • Z0.15 Ω XM: Usage between 70 and 85 watts.
  • Z0.15 Ω: Usage between 80 and 90 watts.
  • Z0.2 Ω: Usage between 70 and 80 watts.
  • Z0.25 Ω Dual Coil: Usage between 45 and 57 watts.
  • Z0.4 Ω: Usage between 50 and 60 watts.
  • Z0.4 Ω XM: Usage between 50 and 60 watts.

Manufactured by Geek Vape, these coils ensure a superior vaping experience. Please note that the Z0.25 Ω coil is not compatible with the P Sub Ohm Tank clearomizer.

To change the coil of your Zeus Tank clearomizer:

  1. Unscrew the base of the clearomizer.
  2. Remove the coil by hand or with the provided key.
  3. Insert a new coil between the tank's tabs.
  4. Screw the bottom of the clearomizer back on.

Optimize your vaping experience with the Geek Vape Z Series Coil 5-Pack, available now on our online store.


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