Three Kings 33MM

Three Kings 33MM


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Box of 100 Dutch self-igniting charcoal.

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Three Kings 33mm Self-Igniting Charcoal: The Charcoal of Shisha Bars!

The world of shisha wouldn't have seen such development in Europe without Three Kings charcoal, the undisputed leaders of self-igniting charcoal. Originating from the Netherlands, these charcoals have become a must-have for hookah enthusiasts in France and well beyond our borders. In this article, we'll reveal everything you need to know about 33mm Three Kings charcoal, the benchmark for fast-burning and high-quality charcoal.

A Remarkable History

Three Kings charcoal has a fascinating history dating back to its creation in 1956 by the René Schönefeld charcoal and incense factory in the Netherlands. Originally intended for use in churches to burn incense, hookah enthusiasts quickly discovered their exceptional qualities. These charcoals have become the favorites of shisha bars, thanks to their quick ignition and minimal odor during lighting.

Exceptional Features

33mm Three Kings charcoals are designed to provide you with a perfect shisha experience in every session. Here are some features that set them apart:

  • Quick Ignition: Lighting these charcoals is a breeze. Simply expose them briefly to the flame of a lighter, and they ignite in the blink of an eye, ready to offer you delicious smoke.
  • Ideal Diameter: With their 33mm diameter, these charcoals are a perfect fit for smaller shisha bowls. They easily adapt to your favorite hookah.
  • Long Burn Time: Each Three Kings charcoal offers a slow burn that lasts up to 45 minutes, ensuring you a prolonged and satisfying experience.
  • Convenient Packaging: They are available in practical boxes of 10 rolls, each containing 10 self-igniting charcoals, for a total of 100 tablets. Plenty to enjoy shisha sessions to your heart's content.

Superior Quality at the Best Price

What truly sets Three Kings charcoals apart is their unmatched quality. Made from the finest European hardwoods, these charcoals guarantee the absence of undesirable odors, ensuring you a smooth, long-lasting, and even burn. Strict selection standards, top-quality raw materials, and improved production techniques make these charcoals an undisputed reference.

In addition to their exceptional quality, Three Kings charcoals are also economical. In our shop, you can get a box of self-igniting charcoals for only €9.90. With that, you can average 30 shisha sessions lasting 45 minutes each, making them a cost-effective choice for hookah enthusiasts.

Authenticity Guaranteed by Darnashop

Keep in mind that Three Kings charcoals unfortunately rank among the most counterfeited products in the world due to their popularity. However, at Darnashop, we are committed to guaranteeing the authenticity of our Three Kings products. You can even learn more about counterfeiting by visiting the website of our trusted partner:

Usage Tips

To preserve the qualities of your Three Kings charcoals, it is essential to keep them dry and tightly seal opened rolls. Additionally, be aware that these charcoals are sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations.

In summary, 33mm self-igniting Three Kings charcoals are the epitome of quality for your shisha sessions. Their quick ignition, long burn time, minimal odor, and affordable price make them an ideal choice for all hookah enthusiasts. Don't let counterfeiting deceive you; opt for authenticity guaranteed by Darnashop and savor a perfect shisha experience with every puff.


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