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The Aladin MVP 460 hookah is a stainless steel water pipe offering excellent value for money. Used by many hookah bars, it allows you to access a professional-quality model while remaining affordable. A must-have model for all hookah enthusiasts!

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Aladin MVP 460 Hookah: Exceptional Value for Money!

In US sports, the MVP (Most Valuable Player) is the best player of a match or a season. It's the player with the highest added value, the one who convinces everyone... With the ambition to excel in the coveted segment of compact stainless steel hookahs, Aladin launches its little bomb, the MVP 460.

The MVP 460 is the big sister of the Mini Brodator hookah, well-known to stainless steel hookah enthusiasts. Sharing the same platform as the Mini Brodator 320, the MVP is 14 centimeters taller, measuring 46 cm in height.

This excellent compact format makes the MVP a hookah steeped in quality with its impeccably finished steel and numerous accessories. The MVP 460 features an adjustable diffuser in 3 positions (for choosing between light or heavier draw), a silicone hose with aluminum handle, an 18/8 column cut (allowing for an ash catcher to be inserted), and a clay bowl.

In addition to the undeniable charm of this modern model that combines a stylish column with a base that's also very contemporary, it's especially its performance that will captivate you. Its 46 centimeters allow it to be large enough to ensure perfect smoke cooling without being too cumbersome. Its small storage chamber also ensures a very dense accumulation of smoke that cloud enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate.


- Stainless Steel Hookah
- Height: 46 cm
- Silicone and Aluminum Hose
- Adjustable diffuser included
- 18/8 column cut included
- Clay bowl included
- Hose spring included
- Charcoal tongs included



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