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Daytona is a high-performance hookah with a design inspired by a car wheel rim. Fully equipped with a bowl, carbon hose, tongs, and LED system, the EPOK Daytona hookah allows you to connect up to 3 hoses simultaneously for sessions with friends!

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EPOK Daytona: A Rim-Shaped Hookah!

The first thing that stands out about the EPOK Daytona hookah is its extraordinary design! It's hard to miss its imposing rim-shaped structure with impressive dimensions. This 35 cm diameter wheel (with nearly 20 cm in height!) impresses with its uncommon aesthetics and its... offbeat spirit!

However, don't be mistaken, the EPOK Daytona is a genuine hookah, designed to offer you a complete smoking experience and true pleasure. This is evidenced by the presence of serious accessories such as the famous EPOK silicone bowl (compatible with Kaloud Lotus or Beskar Rebel, a reference in its category) or the magnificent EPOK Carbon Deluxe hose, 40 cm long. The Daytona EPOK also includes a charcoal tong, a diffuser for a smooth draw, and an LED system with remote control for a decorative touch.

EPOK Daytona: A One, Two, or Three Hose Hookah to Share:

In its attempt to mimic the design of a car wheel, EPOK has taken the parallel further by equipping its hookah with hose connectors resembling nuts. With three connectors, you can use the Daytona with one, two, or three hoses. Regarding this, it is important to understand how the valve balls work to perfectly use your hookah. If you smoke with a single hose, then you should not place a ball in the connector where you attach the hose but instead place a ball in each of the unused connectors. These will act as valves, and you can blow the smoke present in the base, which will escape through the two additional connectors. If you connect two or three hoses, it is imperative to leave a ball in each hose connector so that you don't need to plug the hoses with your finger during the session. This way, you can easily share your hookah.

A Powerful Hookah to be Used Preferably with Natural Charcoal:

The EPOK Daytona hookah offers a spacious interior that allows you to store a tremendous amount of smoke and have amazing sessions. To completely fill your wheel with smoke, we recommend using natural charcoal, which will provide the necessary heat to generate thick smoke. The accessories provided with the Daytona are indeed suitable for smoking with natural charcoal: the EPOK silicone bowl is compatible with heating systems such as Beskar Rebel, and the carbon hose is designed to offer maximum airflow.


To add even more character to your Daytona hookah, consider using a coloring agent to tint the water. With such a huge transparent base, the visual effect will be guaranteed!

Never wash your EPOK Daytona hookah with hot water or abrasive products as it could damage the base. Instead, rinse it with warm water using appropriate brushes, and remember to clean it after each use to maintain all the qualities of your hookah.


- Original EPOK brand hookah
- High-flow silicone hose included
- 40 cm Carbon Deluxe hose included
- Silicone bowl compatible with Kaloud included
- Three hose connectors included
- Diffuser included
- LED system with remote control included
- Charcoal tong included



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