Armageddon Dschinni V2

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The Dschinni Armageddon hookah is a massive stainless steel hookah. This lounge model offers rock-solid stability and can be shared by multiple people by connecting up to 4 hoses. A luxury model that has earned the reputation of the Dschinni brand!

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A Stainless Steel Hookah: The Dschinni Armageddon

The Armageddon earns its apocalyptic name from its determination to crush the competition with an unparalleled price-quality ratio. Undoubtedly, the Dschinni brand has made a strong impact with this model that collects superlatives on all levels.

The Armageddon is truly massive. Don't be fooled by the visuals on our website, which, despite all the efforts of our team, remain powerless to express the dimensions and the massive nature of this XXL hookah. It measures nearly 61cm in height and weighs several kilograms when empty, ensuring unparalleled stability once filled with water.

The Dschinni Armageddon embodies profound modernity not only in the materials that make up its construction but also in its philosophy. The Armageddon has been entirely designed to enable complete customization of the model. The column has an 18/8 port at its top, allowing for the attachment of a molasses collector. Different parts of the column can be separated for use in a shorter version. Four hose connectors are provided with this model and can also be customized. The immersion tube with a diffuser can also be customized for enthusiasts of glass columns. With these multiple possibilities, the Armageddon hookah is a true chameleon that will make you feel like you've bought not just one model but a dozen different hookahs.

This proudly Made In China hookah proves, if ever needed, the quality of manufacturing now possible in the Middle Kingdom and disrupts the norms with a price never before seen for this level of performance.


To move your Armageddon hookah safely, we recommend always holding it with one hand on the base and never gripping it by the column. The ring is designed to seal and not to suspend the base, which is especially heavy, especially when filled with water.


- Stainless steel hookah
- Height: 61cm
- Sold without bowl or hose
- Classic, thick, and sturdy glass base included
- Threaded column attachment
- Diffuser with 12 holes included
- 4 hose connectors included




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