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The Insolent handle is a great classic from the Dandy Glass brand. 43cm long and equipped with a flat mouth, this laboratory glass handle combines simplicity with efficiency. Compatible with all silicone hoses sold at Darnashop

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Dandy Glass Insolent: The classic glass handle with flat spout to rediscover the pleasure of your shisha!

The Insolent glass handle from Dandy Glass is an accessory to be connected to a silicone hose. With a length of 43 cm, the Insolent handle is a great classic of the brand which is characterized by its simplicity and efficiency. The flat beak of the Insolent handle offers the particularity of pinching the flow of smoke to bring it down on the tongue and concentrate the aromas for a more intense sensation. The flat mouthpiece also offers an intuitive and pleasant appetizer.

The Insolent handle is a glass accessory for shisha pipe made by hand by the glassmakers of the Dandy Glass brand. Each handle is assembled and worked individually with a blowtorch at a very high temperature by Dandy Glass craftsmen in order to deliver a unique product with meticulous finishes.

Although made of laboratory glass, the Dandy glass Insolent handle will be appreciated for its robustness and solidity (don't try to throw it on the ground!) which make it one of the most popular glass handles. less fragile. The Dandy Glass handles will be delivered to you in a magnificent black protective case

The cheeky handle is compatible with all silicone pipes sold at Darnashop. To insert the Insolent handle into the silicone hose, Darnashop recommends that you moisten the insertion rod to ease the connection. You can find the Insolent Dandy Glass glass handle in a complete pipe version by clicking HERE.



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