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The Mantis is a stand-up hookah from the EPOK brand. Consisting of an acrylic vase mounted on a metal support, the EPOK Mantis is a pretty hookah at an affordable price and which offers a magnificent smoke!

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Premium Lokomotiv natural charcoal in the shape of cubes of 26mm sides

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Electric resistor to light your natural coals

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EPOK Mantis shisha hookah: the stylish and inexpensive standing shisha pipe

Like the other models of the EPOK brand, the Mantis is a shisha that emphasizes an attractive design and a very affordable price.

The first standing model from the EPOK brand, the Mantis is not lacking in charm with its vase with square and regular lines. Entirely transparent, this acrylic vase contrasts wonderfully with the black metal base that holds it. Although suspended, the vase of the EPOK Mantis offers excellent stability thanks to the heaviness of its base.

With its original design, the Mantis will fit perfectly into contemporary interiors... it hardly looks like a hookah! In terms of equipment, the essentials are there with the presence of an excellent quality hard silicone bowl (Kaloud Lotus compatible), a silicone hose with a metal handle and a diffuser ensuring the lightness of the draw.

Inexpensive, original and effective, the EPOK Mantis is definitely a hookah with a very attractive price-quality ratio!

Want to see the EPOK Mantis in action? Click HERE to check out the gorgeous smoke it produces!


Acrylic vases do not tolerate heat well. When you wash the vase of your EPOK Mantis shisha pipe, preferably use temperate water and absolutely avoid water that is too hot!


- Height: 35cm
- Acrylic vase
- Metal base
- Silicone hose and aluminum handle included
- Silicone bowl included
- Diffuser included

Lokomotiv K26 charcoal is a high quality natural charcoal made in Indonesia from coconut husks from the best plantations. Thanks to a carefully selected raw material, Lokomotiv has developed a premium coal with a very high carbon content and great regularity of manufacture. The K26 comes in the form of 26mm side cubes. This form of shisha coal is increasingly used in Europe where it is appreciated for its versatility. K26 coal can indeed be used by two pieces in a Kaloud, a Provost, or in a Quasar Raas.The Lokomotiv K26 can also be used on a 3 or 4 piece Brohood chimney type system. K26 differs from mainstream coals in its ability to hold its climax (when the coal is at its peak intensity) longer due to its very high carbon content.

The production of K26 is limited by the availability of agricultural raw materials, as Lokomotiv only uses a specific type of coconut to make charcoal with consistent qualities. The power and intensity of the heating of the Lokomotiv K26 are the guarantee of a thick smoke and a long heating. By using the K26 cubes, you will quickly understand that the Lokomotiv coals really live up to their name!

Lokomotiv K26 coal is also available in 3 kg packaging, allowing you to save money. You can find the 3-kilo packages by clicking HERE.

Due to difficulties with shipping coal from Indonesia, Lokomotiv 1kg Natural Charcoal may ship in blister without cardboard packaging until this disclaimer is removed.

The Spirale Elephant coal heater is an electrical accessory to promptly light natural coals.


With a power of a 1000W, the Spirale coal heater will light any coals in no time.. According to our experience, 4-minute is largely enough to light Coconara cubes!


The Spirale coal heater has an On / Off button and a 5 level thermostat allowing you to adjust the heating power at your convenience and to avoid overheating the resistance.


Consisting of a robust and efficient metal frame 24cm side length, this device is the perfect accessory if you want to discover the joys of hookah with natural coals.



The Spirale coal heater does not have a storage tank but allows a rapid ignition of natural hookah coal. If you plan to cut the coals before using them, remember to have a suitable coal carrier!



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