Pack ODUMAN N5 Junior

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Pack ODUMAN N5 Junior

ODUMAN N5 travel hookah

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Large Vortex bowl

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Adapatable hookah / chicha bowl seal

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Standard heat management system for natural coal use

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Heat management system charcoal. Box of 72 coals

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Electric resistor to light your natural coals

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The ODUMAN N5 Junior hookah is a pocket size version of the N5 manufactured by the Turkish brand. Taking the same lines and the famous metal stand, the N5 Junior hookah is a complete lookalike of its elder sister but with smaller dimensions. This ODUMAN N5 Junior has the same downstem-bowl connector equipped with a diffuser and same screwed silicone hose.


Since the ODUMAN N5 Junior is smaller in size, it will be great for quick light coals (which didn't deliver enough heat for the larger model), actually quite nice for a travel hookah.


ODUMAN has astutely adapted the proportions of the base and stand in order to ensure stability. This model has an amazing value for money!



As all ODUMAN models, if you wish to use another hose than the original one, you just have to purchase another adapter. It's sold on our website in the adapter section!

The Saphire bowls are made in ceramic. They are famous for their unique look, their craftsmanship and their great strength. At the crossroads of fashion and hookah, Saphire offers trendy bowls that will immerse you in the world of Denim brand ...


Saphire Number 5 is a big 7 cm diameter Vortex. It must be used with a Large MOD seal for large bowl. The holes in the sapphire, like all Vortex bowl holes are on an axis, allowing you to use your most humidified steam stones and tobacco without fearing suction loss or liquid in your stem.


But why the number 5? Because it is reminiscent of the one chosen by a famous perfume brand to be his emblem ... and all sapphire No. 5 have 5 holes on the vortex axis against 4 usually on this kind of model!



The Saphire No. 5 is a large bowl particularly suitable for the use of natural coal. Its large size allows it to withstand the power of intense heat and offer sessions a very comfortable last. If you want to discover the hookah with a German touch, this bowl is made for you!

There is no enjoyable smoking session without an airtightally sealed hookah. That is why the seals are an essential part of the proper functioning of your hookah.


Remember that no seals, means no tightness, and without a perfect seal, you won't get a lot of smoke!


Darnashop offers a thin silicone seal that is intended to seal bowls with thin stem (eg original MYA QT bowl.



When you change your coals and you deposit your used coals in the tray of your hookah, do not burn your bowl seal. You thus will improve the lifetime of your seal and avoid giving your session a horrible rubber taste!

Fresh Coco coals are made from coconut bark. They are different from other natural coals by their circle shape, which has been specifically studied to fit into heat management systems.


Fresh Coco coals are 3 triangles which form a circle. This shape fills completely your heat management system such as Kaloud Lotus, Oduman Ignis, Amy Hot Cut, or even WG2. The three Fresh Coco also work with "chimney" grids such as Volkan or Hotscreen heat management systems. 


Each box contains 72 coals.


As all natural coals, it is essential to have a charcoal heater (electric or gas). You won't be able to light it with a simple lighter!

The Spirale Elephant coal heater is an electrical accessory to promptly light natural coals.


With a power of a 1000W, the Spirale coal heater will light any coals in no time.. According to our experience, 4-minute is largely enough to light Coconara cubes!


The Spirale coal heater has an On / Off button and a 5 level thermostat allowing you to adjust the heating power at your convenience and to avoid overheating the resistance.


Consisting of a robust and efficient metal frame 24cm side length, this device is the perfect accessory if you want to discover the joys of hookah with natural coals.



The Spirale coal heater does not have a storage tank but allows a rapid ignition of natural hookah coal. If you plan to cut the coals before using them, remember to have a suitable coal carrier!