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Enjoy a consistently cool smoke even during the hot summer with the Cooler handle from the EPOK brand! This hookah hose handle adapts to any silicone hose. It allows you to savor an icy hookah experience by placing the EPOK Cooler handle in the freezer beforehand to store the freshness in its specially designed gel compartment!

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A hookah is never as enjoyable as when the smoke is chilled. During summer, the ambient heat and sunlight can raise the water temperature in your hookah base, diminishing its cooling effect.

The EPOK Cooler handle is an accessory designed to allow you to enjoy a consistently cool hookah experience with flavorful smoke, even on scorching hot days! Its acrylic reservoir contains a gel that turns into ice when placed in the freezer. As the smoke passes through the frozen section, it is cooled and softened! The EPOK Cooler handle is among the most advanced techniques for enjoying an icy hookah!

The EPOK Cooler handle features a foam grip to provide excellent handling and prevent freezing your fingers... With the Cooler handle, only the smoke will be icy!

The EPOK Cooler handle is compatible with all silicone hookah hoses sold at Darnashop and instantly adapts to your flexible hose. To use it, simply let it store the freshness in the freezer for approximately two hours.


Do not attempt to open the compartment containing the cooling gel! This handle is reusable indefinitely since you can refreeze the gel once the icy effect diminishes. However, it is not necessary to open the frozen compartment; simply clean the handle with a brush on the inside if needed!


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